TARC Program will provide targeted technical assistance and training The purpose of the Center is to increase public awareness and educate consumers and professionals about the risks of falls and how to prevent falls; support and stimulate the implementation, dissemination, and sustainability of evidence-based falls prevention programs and strategies to reduce the incidence of falls among older adults and adults with disabilities; and serve as the national clearinghouse of tools, best practices, and other information on falls and falls prevention. Minority Aging; NIDILRR Publications and Resources; ... An Area Agency on Aging (AAA) is a public or private nonprofit agency designated by a state to address the needs and concerns of all older persons at the regional and local levels. The National Pension Assistance Resource Center provides support to the AoA Pension Counseling grant projects and facilitates coordination among the projects, State and Area Agencies on Aging, ADRCs, legal services providers, and others by providing substantive legal training, technical assistance and programmatic consultation. Applicants should discuss how they will identify and address knowledge and practice gaps and provide training and technical assistance to the following core audiences. We welcome your contributions. Contact Information: aclinfo@acl.hhs.gov With the expected growth in the older adult population and the increases in minority populations among them, it is ever more critical that the networks of support to whom these individuals turn for assistance have the capacity to affirmatively support them in culturally appropriate ways.

Applicants should demonstrate, through in-house expertise and collaboration with key stakeholders, the capacity to design and deliver training and technical assistance as well the ability to develop resource tools that incorporate the following approaches and concepts: Use of efficient and effective strategies that maximize limited resources while ensuring measureable impact of training and TA activities and resource tools; Applicants for this opportunity should explain if, and how, they will use an advisory committee to assist their efforts, including a listing of some of the individuals or organizations that will be invited to participate and their anticipated roles and responsibilities. activities: The Minority Organization The APS TARC serves as a focal point for ACL’s overall approach to leading the development of comprehensive APS systems. The future supply of long-term care workers in relation to the aging baby boom generation: Report to Congress. consumers. For more than 35 years, the AoA has provided home and community-based services to millions of older persons through the programs funded under the OAA. Desired Activities, Focus Areas and Priorities ACL is pleased to announce the awarding of six-cooperative agreements totaling $1,150,160.00 to provide targeted technical assistance to the aging services network to better meet the needs of older adults from diverse communities. Contact: @NCLERlegal Grantee: Lewin Group Audience: Ombudsman programs, the general public. To carry out its mission, the NCEA disseminates elder abuse information to professionals and the public, and provides technical assistance and training to states and community-based organizations.

Audience: Older adults and their caregivers. To most effectively accomplish the objectives outlined for this funding Option, applicants should demonstrate their ability to collaborate effectively with a range of stakeholders. The NCEA serves as a national resource center dedicated to the prevention of elder mistreatment.

Aging and disability are processes that occur across the life course, and the aging and disability networks serve individuals with … Collaborations might include those with organizations that work specifically with their target populations, those with experience in working with older adults or with connections to mainstream aging services providers, entities with expertise in evaluation and performance measurement and others with expertise relevant to this area. Contact: info@smpresource.org ACL also partners with the Veterans Health Administration on another innovative program to help veterans stay healthy and live independently in the community. Website: https://archrespite.org/ta-center-for-respite.

Grantee: The Pension Rights Center This resource center provides leadership, expert guidance and resources to promote the value of, and increase access to, evidence-based chronic disease self-management education programs (CDSME). Skip to main navigation

While distinct in their scope and purpose, the grantees funded under Option A will be expected to coordinate and collaborate fully with the successful grantee in Option B. The Eldercare Locator is a nationwide call center and website that connects older Americans and their caregivers with information on senior services in their areas. The attorney will be a member of the team that leads our high volume administrative law practice and individual legal advocacy.

Grantee: Research Triangle Institute (RTI)

Telehealth, decision support improve antibiotic pr... Diabetes risk factors tied to COVID-19 death ident... Survey: Nearly 80% of specialists using telehealth. Bridging the gaps between the aging and disability networks. Grantee: University of Southern California The National Aging Resource Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Minority Seniors was established by ACL in 2012. Collaborations might include those with organizations that work specifically with their target populations, those with experience in working with older adults or with connections to mainstream aging services providers, entities with expertise in evaluation and performance measurement and others with expertise relevant to this area. Its four members are national minority aging organizations, each of which represents one of four major racial and ethnic minority older populations. Sourced from various means rooted in the health insurance industry - insurance carriers, governmental agencies, and industry news agencies, this is aimed as a resource of varying viewpoints to spark critical thought and discussion. When preparing proposals, applicants should clearly describe their rationale for why they are choosing to focus on particular priority areas along with their expertise in each of the areas outlined above. National Center for Health Statistics, National Health Interview Survey. ACL-funded resource centers provide information primarily for professionals; however, several of the following centers offer consumer information as well. The Administration for Community Living (ACL) recently released their annual summary of minority aging statistics, the 2017 Minority Aging Statistical Profiles and Profile of Older Americans. Advocacy as a tool for sustainability.

To be a Medicare Agent's source of information on topics affecting the agent and their business, and most importantly, their clientele, is the intention of this site. Filed Under: Article Tagged With: alert, Weekly Alert.

The Center provides support, technical assistance, and training to the 53 state long-term care ombudsman programs and their statewide networks of almost 600 regional (local) programs. When viewing multi-year data, you may scroll a table horizontally by holding the Shift key and using your mouse wheel. Audience: People with disabilities. Get instructions for navigating this site. expectation. It is made up of four national minority aging organizations: the National Caucus and Center on the Black Aged, Inc.; the Asociacion Nacional Pro Personas Mayores; the National Asian Pacific Center on Audience: Recipients of CIAIP (public is also invited to use the website and contact CIAIP for more information). The five organizations receiving grants are as follows: Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE), National Caucus and Center on Black Aging (NCBA), National Asian Pacific Center on Aging (NAPCA).

Website: https://olderindians.acl.gov/elder-resource-centers.