Have access to any British Columbia city, town or community that Wetaskiwin is Alberta's smallest city by population and land area. Victoria is British Columbia's capital. [citation needed], Communities by provinces and territories of Canada. A recreational community in British Columbia is an "unincorporated place with seasonal or year-round services, accommodation and amenities associated primarily with recreational or leisure activities". [10] Manitoba's newest city is Morden, which changed from town to city status on August 24, 2012.[10]. to Covid-19 certain areas could be closed. Cities and Communities of Northern British Columbia. Vancouver is the largest city, but the capital of British Columbia [5] British Columbia has 11 communities that are classified as recreational communities. Also, 19 district municipalities meet the minimum population requirements to incorporate as a city. [1], British Columbia has 52 cities[2][3][4] that had a cumulative population of 3,327,824 and an average population of 63,997 in the 2016 Census. Greater Sudbury is Ontario's largest city by area. British Columbia's Lieutenant Governor in Council may incorporate a community as a town by letters patent, under the recommendation of the Minister of Communities, Sport and Cultural Development, if its population is greater than 2,500 but not greater than 5,000 and the outcome of a vote involving affected residents was that greater than 50% voted in favour of the proposed incorporation. They were often associated with mining and logging camps or fish canneries, or local agricultural settlements. Ottawa is Canada's capital and fourth-largest city. [32], As in the other two Canadian territories, the only incorporated city in the Yukon is its capital, Whitehorse. For example, Ajax, Oakville, and Whitby, which all had populations greater than 100,000 in 2011, are still designated as towns. Campbellton is New Brunswick's smallest city by population and area. 513", "From Boom to Bust in 20 Years: Sandon's History as an Incorporated City", "Name Details: Phoenix (Abandoned Locality)", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_cities_in_British_Columbia&oldid=982084168, Lists of populated places in British Columbia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Courtenay, The Corporation of the City of, Cranbrook, The Corporation of the City of, Dawson Creek, The Corporation of the City of, Grand Forks, The Corporation of the City of, Greenwood, The Corporation of the City of, New Westminster, The Corporation of the City of, North Vancouver, The Corporation of the City of, Penticton, The Corporation of the City of, Port Coquitlam, The Corporation of the City of, Powell River, The Corporation of the City of, White Rock, The Corporation of the City of, This page was last edited on 6 October 2020, at 02:35. Kindersley has expressed an interest in applying for city status upon reaching the 5,000 milestone.  Road The province of British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada, comprises six tourism regions; Vancouver, Coast & Mountains, which includes Whistler; Vancouver Island, which includes the BC Gulf and Discovery Islands; the Thompson Okanagan; Northern BC; Cariboo Chilcotin Coast; and the Kootenay Rockies. Coast & Mountains, Cariboo This 2016 population does not include 11,765 in the Saskatchewan portion of Lloydminster. What is the Highest Point on the Trans-Canada Highway? Statistics Canada originally published the Manitoba portion of Flin Flon's 2016 population as 4,982, but subsequently amended it to 4,991. The city's total population in 2011 was 5,592.  Kootenay Rockies This population does not include 18,032 in the Alberta portion of Lloydminster. Statistics Canada originally published Winkler's 2016 population as 12,591, but subsequently amended it to 12,660. The balance of Flin Flon is located within. A few such as Granisle, Tumbler Ridge and Wells became municipalities, while others have become ghost towns. [4], Sandon held city status between 1898 and 1920. Communities in the province of British Columbia, Canada can include incorporated municipalities, Indian reserves, unincorporated communities or localities. In Ontario, city status is conferred by the provincial government, generally upon the request of the incorporated municipality. BC Cities 1, name changed on April 16, 1998, to match name-change of former Sooke First Nation to current, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 02:12. Population centre, in Canadian census data, is a populated place, or a cluster of interrelated populated places, which meets the demographic characteristics of an urban area, having a population of at least 1,000 people and a population density of no fewer than 400 persons per square km 2.. ON THE ROAD, follow us for latest travel news & weather updates!  Cariboo Chilcotin Coast West to East. Reserved. Each of British Columbia's towns exudes character, and the natural scenery for which the Canadian province is famous is never far away. Mississauga is Canada's sixth-largest city. Ferries Hamilton is Canada's tenth-largest city. Use at your own risk. Suite 3000, 421 – 7th Avenue SW, L'Île-Dorval is Quebec's smallest ville by both population and area. Flin Flon is Manitoba's smallest city by population.  Trains,