Measure the, 24. In particular, a technology could micro-channel plates works to amplify electrons from existing ambient light sources, thus providing better visibility at longer distances. atonal piece by Malaysian composer Valerie Ross follows a classical, ambient, dub work by Jah Wobble. It requires a greater than one-for-one reduction in emissions in order to achieve a net improvement in, 23. Such criteria could be the sudden increase in ambient sound level, a certain frequency being hit, the duration of a sound, or a combination of all those. There are 9 platforms, so that make 144 extra ambient sounds available to you. Definition of Ambient. It can create three dimensional images under ambient, non-destructive conditions. destructible walls and ambient creatures. Clicking noises, echo, very ambient, switching back to a main melodic thread. A simple stethoscope, for example, is rendered relatively useless in flight because of all the ambient noise. 0 They performed a really energetic, heart pounding set that was n't the slow, ambient , kinda wishy washy stuff I was expecting. Examples of ambient music in a sentence, how to use it. The body heat your dog generates will be trapped inside the house, slowly raising the ambient temperature within. Most bedrooms benefit from ambient lighting and don't need too much more, but if you have a desk or work area in the room you may need some task lighting. The faint sound of a breeze was taken from ambient sounds on a street like the one depicted in the scene. Lights will be ambient, allowing for the artwork to be spotlighted drawing specific attention to each unique piece. HOPG (highly orientated pyrolytic graphite) and mica substrates when analyzed by ambient AFM appear to show perfect atomic arrays. The higher the ambient relative humidity, the greater the moisture on the surface as well as in the bulk of the material. The background to this composition has an almost ambient and spacey feel, while the foreground is more jazz inspired while remaining very melodic. 用ambient造句, 用ambient造句, 用ambient造句, ambient meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by 5. self-acting mechanism which controls brightness of the device as a function of ambient light. Temperature can affect the rate of egg lying, which slows when ambient temperatures are very low. The release also includes 16 remixes and interactive menus featuring ambient music created by the band. The generation one goggles also traditionally use ambient light as the lighting type. Notable new features in the engine included ambient sounds and liquids that the player could swim through.