“You can make each item really detailed,” Meyer says. “Hire a trusted photographer who will capture the laughter, the tears, and the clinking glasses, since those are the moments you’ll treasure most.”. No matter the size, having a timeline for your wedding is something you won't want to forget. Good luck its hard. This is a great way to work within a space, while still making guests feel connected. My sister-in-law to be has been engaged for months and finally set her wedding date for July 19, 2003. Recently my brother got engaged and he and his fiancee have now booked there wedding for a couple of months after ours. However, keep in mind that weddings cost a LOT of money. “Know your crowd and replace it with an activity everyone will enjoy, or keep it in the timeline if your loved ones love to dance.”. Instead, hire a smaller group of musicians so you can have the formality of special dances without a crowd on stage,” Wilson advises. You also have to take into account that your future in-laws may be just as resentful if you push for your date with no regard for their position. A fantastic photographer is a great investment, no matter how many guests will be in attendance, but a smaller guest list may mean more opportunities to capture intimate moments. Photo by ADRIANA RIVERA; Planning and Design by Tatiana Angel of CCC Event Planning. Depending on your space, setting up a U-shaped table may be the best way to facilitate dinner conversation. She also worked as a luxury wedding planning producing over 100 high-end weddings and events over four wedding … Seriously, none of that will happen. If we had to do it over again, we would have hosted both receptions in all-inclusive venues. All your guests will be concentrated on that. I am getting married this summer and we have had our wedding booked for the past year. If you`re mature enough to get married, you should be mature enough to realize that a wedding is a) just one day of your life, and b) not the life-altering event for everyone else that it is for you and your fiance. Fewer people on the guest list means the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a nontraditional venue, and a restaurant may be the perfect fit. I really don`t think that anyone will associate one wedding with the other. Im so glad that someone knows how i feel same thing has just happened to me it feels like you in compitition with then doesnt it because you dont want them to out do you, i am livid about it i guess you are to. I feel that this is unfair as it takes from our day. It takes nothing from your day, Jane. Little embellishments like hand-painted macarons will make each and every guest feel so special. My question is why do you feel like it`s distracting from your day? Consider using the backyard of your family house for an intimate venue. How six weddings in one year made me love being single ... family and work. So, my simple solution...we`re planning a simple yet meaningful outdoor ceremony and a barbeque reception. The creation of a new branch on the family tree is a beautiful time to celebrate the lineage and love that brought the couple to the alter. After all, her brother is the oldest and her brother and I have been together for 8 years. Want the top vendors to contact YOU? It's on a Sat. I’m a lucky father of 5, with two daughters 16 months apart. This can also help a larger room feel more intimate. Make them even more special by writing on something that ties into the theme of your wedding. It`s your day, not your year. “If your band has an equal number of players to your final guest count, it will feel really overpowering. And because the venues were pretty, we didn’t spend much on decorations. Of course, everybody will want to know that you've tied the knot. "YOUR DAY" will have been over for two months before your brother has his day. I have three children, all in their 20`s. Here's How to Do It, How to Have a Restaurant Wedding Reception, How to Plan a Wedding: 42 Tips for the DIY Bride, Brides uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Some properties do not allow gatherings such as weddings. Research venues.Wedding and reception venues vary widely in costs and services, so shop carefully. If you're not feeding a huge crowd, you have more room for a detailed menu. Like everyone said you get one day, you don`t get to reserve the whole year. Jaimie Mackey was the Brides real weddings editor from 2013 to 2015. Behind the stunning flowers and flowing bridesmaids dresses is the true meaning a wedding: the formation of a new family circle and the beginning of a marriage. Opt for an escort display with handwritten touches, or even items that double as a favor. Who to Invite to a Wedding: Etiquette and Questions to Ask Yourself, PHOTO BY O'MALLEY PHOTOGRAPHERS; Planning by, Photo by EMILY WREN; Planning and Design by The Catered Afffair, Photo by Kelly Brown; Catering by Contemporary Catering, Photo by Branco Prata; Planning by Jeannette Tavares of Evoke Design & Creative; Florals by Areias do Sexiof, PHOTO BY MELISSA OHOLENDT PHOTOGRAPHY; Planning by Mother of the Bride Weddings. “We speak to those who matter most—it’s that simple.”, If you're having a hard time narrowing down your guest list, consider if you would take this person out for a several hundred-dollar dinner or have them as a guest in your home for the weekend. In fact, I think years from now it will be special to celebrate anniversaries together. I can`t wait until we`re all united. Place cards offer so much opportunity for customization, and with a smaller guest list, there are fewer to make or buy. Incorporate items that you and your partner love, or bring in influences from your wedding's locale. The middle one (son) was married on August 23 after a six month engagment. She would like to get married the the spring or summer. A small wedding is only so if the guest list is as small as possible. From game... Find the perfect engagement and wedding rings on our site.... Our venue is fully customizable with ample amount of space to turn your event into an upscale night ... World's largest directory for planning weddings, parties and events. With fewer guests on your list, it's much easier to send handwritten invitations with beautiful hand-lettering, rather than printing hundreds. Shrinking the event down to a cozy, intimate size guarantees you’ll love where your money goes, and it creates the opportunity for great memories with every single guest. Let go and just be glad they have decided to tie the knot. There are planning changes to make, details to consider, and (hooray!) With fewer guests, you'll need less cake. One of my daughters found her designer wedding dress used online for $3,000 less than retail. Many people put their wedding decorations and other items up for sale. But that doesn't mean you can't have the dessert of your dreams.