| The proprietary handle and magnet closure are engineered for ease of use, durability and maintenance In some cases, they can be constructed with aluminum woven fabric, with an anti-bacterial coating. All rights reserved. CSS Refrigeration Night Blinds by supermarket chains, government commissaries, and display case They can work on bunker as well as upright cases or wherever they need to be in the store. Refrigeration blinds have been specially designed for refrigerated equipment. Energy-efficient coverings help in the overall growth of the realm of green technology. Such energy-saving window coverings are made for a long-lasting purpose, which in turn makes them a popular choice for display case manufacturers and grocers that are value-conscious. There's a problem loading this menu right now. They are pulled down when the shop closes and then retracted prior to opening. Reducing the carbon footprint is a welcome side effect of such an undertaking. As a result, they require coverings that can keep the items intact without the fear of damage or getting perished. No, right? It also helps to reduce the rate of discarding the products. Store owners would not want to leave their fridges or cooling compartments or storage cabinet doors open. But when the shop is empty after hours, they just spill cold air into you building. Q:where is your factory loacated9 A:Qingdao fortune victor co. ,limited is located in the west coast of qingdao, only 30 minutes to the qingdao sea port, the good location can save a lot of transportation cost and enhance the delivery time. MAINTAIN optimum food quality. Onetouch Commercial Blinds UK are leading suppliers of commercial fridge blinds for refrigerated cabinets, display cabinets, chiller rooms and cold stores in restaurants, shops & supermarkets.. Night blinds for chillers are used during unoccupied hours in order to reduce the energy consumption. | Simultaneously, these blinds aid you in creating a greener planet. © 2020 Market Group Ventures, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Oslo Supermarket Equipment Blue Color Open Display Chiller Refrigerator With Pull Style Night Curtain insulation for refrigerated display cases during the hours when (the somfy motor has a 5 year warranty). Night blinds enable you to attain your targets of carbon emission. Advantage All rights reserved. - Required fields are marked *. ENERGY-SAVING REFRIGERATION BLINDS Author: Deni Kosumov Subject: CSS North America is a distributor of sophisticated supermarket technologies. Unlike plastic alternatives prone to discoloration and tear, CSS energy-saving blinds are made to last for years, making them a top choice for value-concsious grocers and display case manufacturers. | Country Search Refrigeration equipment uses a lot of electricity and is expensive to operate and maintain. You can also take this initiative up and club it along with your other eco-friendly endeavors. energy-management products. © COPYRIGHT 2015. Our energy-saving refrigeration night blinds are recognized There is a bunch of reliable and durable fridge night blinds out there in the market. The motorised system are manufactured from as small as 1000mm to 3750mm wide. The material used in its construction is mostly plastic, metal, or fabric. It also helps in the minimization of the cost of maintenance. It is quite a common thing for supermarkets and other stores to use up to 50% in total of their costs in electrical energy. becoming standard store equipment for innovative retailers everywhere. But it doesn’t end there. A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. 1688.com Over 20 years of experience in the industry means that our owners and management are well-versed in the issues that present themselves in refrigeration. Built from top quality materials, these fantastic night shadings operate by trapping the cool air inside the display case. Would You Leave Your Fridge Door Open All Night. | Additionally the cabinet runs can be increased by using our passive link up blinds. Refrigeration Night Blinds. A Quick Look At The Best Insulating Roller Fabrics, Blackout Blinds to Get Rid of Excess Heat, The Pros and Cons of Metal Window Coverings, CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY in the MANUFACTURE of WINDOW COVERINGS, All You Need to Know About Top-Down-Bottom-Up Shades, A Smart Solution To The Work-From-Home Blues, 5 Tips On Shopping For Blinds During Black Friday, How to Use a Somfy ZRTSI Bridge to Interface your Shades with a Z-Wave Hub, 5 Curtains Perfect For Matching Your Light Grey Sofa, A REVIEW ON DAY AND NIGHT BLINDS AND WHY THEY MIGHT BE FOR YOU, The blinds help in the reduction of energy costs by 35% – 50%, They help to preserve the shelf life of the products, By virtue of continuous usage, they help to extend the display cabinet life, They help to regulate the optimum quality of food items, They also promote the conservation of carbon emissions, Whenever there is a power outage the cabinet content is protected, The product display gets maintained thereby saving on labor costs, Helps to improve the integrity of the product, Helps to enhance the case performance as well as the energy efficiency, Enables the lowering of the operating costs and utility bills. The valuable product range receives protection from any premature spoilage, shrinkage, and discoloration. These coverings also have a hook and handle system that allows for simple installation and utilization. Would you leave the fridge door open at night in your home? They are as follows: Types of fridge shadings and display casings are as follows: Refrigeration blinds have been specially designed for refrigerated equipment. Celcius Refrigeration is a company with a consistent record of quality and service in providing customers with the best refrigeration solution that is tailored to unique and specific requirements. Night fabric attachments that have a so-called thermal screen base reduce these costs in electrical energy by about 40%. Other fridge coverings are designed in such a way that they consist of magnets for stress-free installation and speed reducers that prevent blind damage due to careless retraction. Intellectual Property Protection The same concept applies here. Moreover, during the store’s closed period, these thermal-based blinds offer secure and efficient insulation for display casings of fridges. Available in three standard widths, 4 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet. Definitely, there would be a more than twenty percent savings in the consumption of energy. Privacy Policy Level 16, 175 Pitt Street, Shanghai Jujin International Trading Co., Ltd. Yiwu Xiangfeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Suntop Electrics Technology Co., Ltd. Qingdao Fortune Victor Technology Co., Limited. Q:How do I know what sizes I should order9 A:let us know the door opening size and wall thickness, then we could calculate the sizes of the door and door frame need for it. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Price and other details may vary based on size and color. thousands of installations worldwide, CSS night blind is quickly Our thermoshield blinds provide simple and effective insulation for refrigerated display cases during a store’s closing hours and substantially improve your store’s profitability by reducing energy expenditures, dramatically cutting down product shrinkage and minimizing maintenance costs. It makes sense to minimise it’s use wherever practical. - Chillscreens is covering Australia and other countries with a superior range of Refrigeration Night Blinds for Commercial Refrigeration, supermarkets and convenience stores. When big and small-sized companies of the refrigeration industry utilize chilled night coverings for their supermarkets and grocery chains, they reap many benefits. It’s a simple and quick process that yields meaningful benefits. Such covers offer supreme performance on the thermal front. This triggers the operation of refrigeration equipment and simply wastes money for no benefit. In addition to the energy savings, night blinds extend product shelf life, maintain optimum food quality, help protect cabinet contents during a power outage and save on labour costs to maintain product display. They are a practical, commense sense solution. Thermasolutions International Ltd are designers and manufacturers of refrigerated night blinds and temperature control products in supermarkets. Stop Blowing Away your Profits metallic fabric manufactured from the highest quality materials. ENERGY-SAVING REFRIGERATION BLINDS Author: Deni Kosumov Subject: CSS North America is a distributor of sophisticated supermarket technologies. Would You Leave Your Fridge Door Open All Night? CUSTOM DRAPERY VALANCES AND CORNICE BOARDS, Window Treatments for Street Facing Windows, Are Roller Shades Energy Efficient? Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Without these essential thermal covers, those fridge components might have had to work more to regulate a consistent level of temperature. | Your email address will not be published. Designed to last for the lifetime of a display case and with This, in turn, helps to enhance the store’s profits due to the reduction in expenditure on energy. These blinds are also used mainly in commercial refrigeration. Get the list of features and benefits of econofrost refrigeration blinds. Taobao Global EXTEND display cabinet life. Market Group Ventures Inc. is the parent company of EconoFrost night covers will continue to meet the challenges of the supermarket industry. CSS North America specializes in Hi-Spectrum color corrected fluorescent lamps; woven aluminum refrigeration night blinds and anti-fog energy consÁ á} ô0K åUþUCDv Õ ØpG É} E Keywords manufacturers as one of today’s best values in supermarket Our thermoshield night blinds feature a durable, reflective CSS North America specializes in Hi-Spectrum color corrected fluorescent lamps; woven aluminum refrigeration night blinds and anti-fog energy consÁ á} ô0K åUþUCDv Õ ØpG É} E Keywords