The Razer Kishi mobile controllers (for Android or iOS) will be available in early 2020. That said, the portability and immense 100+ hour battery life (charged via USB-C) make a good argument for the Junglecat's price point, even if you're not going to use it with its cellphone docking case. I've looked around and could not find a very good answer. By signing up, you agree to receive emails from Razer about products, news, events and promotions (including offers and discounts). Still, it's easy to learn through and get used to the controller's size over time. I took it for a spin, and came away feeling like I'd caught a glimpse at the future of gaming on mobile devices. Razer mobile controllers give you a competitive edge in a portable design. Modular design (two modes) Attach left, right, or both sides to phone with included case, or use controller grip and kickstand (kickstand not included). As the undisputed innovation leader in gaming hardware, software and services, Razer is looking to get players ready for the future of cloud and mobile gaming. The world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers offers a glimpse into the future of 5G-powered, cloud-based gaming, innovates in the desktop gaming system category, and stuns the crowd with new eracing simulator concept. They are the most popular four handsets on the market, but they don't offer the cases in all territories either. Running Project CARS Pro, the concept model features technology from Vesaro, Simpit, Fanatec and Synthesis VR, creating a thrilling and immersive eracing setup with a 202-degree projection system, a hydraulic racing platform, full manual controls, and a steering wheel with paddle shift. PAVING THE WAY FOR HIGH-PERFORMANCE CLOUD GAMING. It also includes an adapter which turns it into a standalone controller that pairs … Razer is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 1337). Nothing about the construction felt like a deal-breaker, however, but there are a few other problems worth being aware of. The list includes games that have been tested, and includes many SEGA retro classics, Final Fantasy Android ports, and some headliners like Fortnite and Minecraft. I swear), I found it quite cramped to use, particularly over time. The Razer Sila 5G Home Router lets users prioritize between client hardware, such as Xbox or desktop PC, and is designed to optimize cloud gaming services. No, the Razer Junglecat is not supported by iOS. For more details see our Privacy Policy. And honestly didn't make sense.