Because the worst thing is not to convince someone that speaks spanish that hindi is powerful (which it also is), but to convince someone that speaks galician, for example, that his language is useless, powerless, worse, less economic, and that’s what causes the extinction of languages. This diversity of “thank you” is exactly why it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the appropriate phrase or word to use wherever you’re living or traveling. German has little trickier grammar but the basic words are very similar to Anglo Saxon English words: milk/Milch for example. The more people speak a language, the more twisted they become. Saying one language is better than the other, or useful, or even more musical, is talking about superiority. Being polite doesn’t always mean the same thing. You can add emphasis by saying grazie mille, but be warned that this can sometimes be perceived as sarcasm! As long as you show that you’re genuine and that you’re trying, a small faux pas or two will be forgiven. 2. To show respect to strangers or those of a higher status, add 요 (yo) to the end. This is the translation of the word "best" to over 100 other languages. And it was not even me that saw it, but a colleague trying to keep this diversity going on…, For a person who is able to converse in a number of languages, and is so passionate on the subject; you supprise me. FluentU brings language learning to life with real-world videos. It’s certainly a lot easier than trying to acquaint yourself with formal dining etiquette, anyway. Again, the thought behind your gesture is the most important. Imagine how the rest of the world’s diverse languages may differ! It seems that most of the world’s inhabitants are already familiar with the Spanish word for “thank you,” gracias. Use this informally. That would be impractical. For 60000 thousand years, I’d say that most of the human conflicts are not because they spoke different languages, but because of bad intentions from a group of people towards the other. The Arabic language is quickly becoming a seriously worthwhile investment for those hoping to reach the growing economies in the Middle East and Africa. Language is a biological fact in human species, so this is racism to all those almost 7000 languages that (according to you) are not useful, powerful, economic and most spoken languages. 5. Danke, in that context, may give off the impression that you’re declining the offer. Yes, we do get bored with a subject and then switch it, but those “less developped” cultures and languages don’t do it, they keep working with the same all their lives, what makes them pretty good with what they do. As we said, expressing gratitude is one of the easier aspects of courtesy. In fact, the British Council added Portuguese in the top 10 most important languages for the UK future, a clear indication that it offers a world of opportunities for education, diplomacy and of course foreign investment. The good news is that with Busuu, you don’t have to focus on one language only.