Appearances He says that the neighbors heard crying. Role Anton Verloc's name is a reference to character Adolf Verloc from novel The Secret Agent, an anarchist spy for an unknown country. In Forgiving cutscene, Sally reveals to Anton that they're were having a child named Gwen. Eye Color As a result, Arthur then attempts to throw the permanent solution's latest version at Verloc (who exclaims that it will drive him mad), but Verloc hits a button that paralyses Arthur with electricity. Joy doctors work for him, and he is one of the main antagonists. He goes to the main office and found Sally with a baby, Anton apologizes to her, but he heard a baby noise it turns out to be their daughter, Gwen Boyle. Joy Doctors can be taken down from behind, but this requires Arthur to obtain the "Big Game Hunter" skill, as they count as tall enemies and even then it is nigh-impossible to pull off as unless they player is using Joy or a substitute, the Joy Doctor can always detect the player's presence if they get close enough, even if the player is behind them. Additional NPC Characters Not even Arthur and Ollie escapes this either as they had a Dark And Troubled Past by selling their loved ones to Germany which they regretted later on. Fortunately, she got released. He moved to live with his uncle and would've been fourteen at the time. "Do NOT turn down the heat on the brominating reaction until you've noticed the temperature curve. The doppelganger himself reappeared again sitting in the chair smile at him, he tells him that why would he do it,Anton telling his doppelganger that why his parents let him live more than he die until his parents reappear again but they told him that wasn't true because he was the only family left but Anton cried for all his regret he had made but later the doppelganger Anton transformed to Gwen was now in her toddler form who had white hair and blue eyes, holding his chest and telling him to it's alright and started to cry. Joy Doctor (voice), Honour MacLear / Now, the story focuses on 3 main characters. The one who use Joy and manage to behave properly in Wellington Wells is called a Wellies while the people who doesn't/stopping to take joy is called the Downers and there is a worse class than the Downers called the Wastrels, who became a Downer after receiving a bad batch of joy. He instead sees twisted hallucinations of his brother and it is clear that the test batch isn't working. We Happy Few is an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by Compulsion Games and published by Gearbox Publishing.In 2016, an early access version was released for Microsoft Windows, with the full game seeing wide release on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One in August 2018. Invasion of the Smurfs/Transcript,, But, as he telling his story, Johnny appears again and accidentally interrupted Anton. incorrect we happy few quotes totally canon quotes from compulsion's we happy few. Anton was experimented by Dr. Smilez's tested Joy gas, later began to hallucinate his dead parents. Dr. Anton Verloc is one of the brilliant scientist who participates in the creation of Joy. 10/26/2018 in Pure Evil Discussion. That and some extra crimes that he had such as being an abusive asshole, letting his teams experimenting on innocent Wastrels which causes the plague to spread in the Wastrel's land and him polluting the river... Yea. Ollie encounters doctors in Maidenholm, St. George's Holm, and the Parade. In the last mission of "The Calm Blue Sea" mission, it is similiar to music band called "The Calm Blue Sea" and the game was similar song called "We Happy Few". After escaping from Dr. Smilez's henchmen and using the Underground tracks to get the Barrow Holm, he founds himself inside of the hatch filled with plague wastrels. In the security room, he found a new formula that Verloc created which it was revealed to be for the new batch of Joy. ", "Oh no? | He betrays his companion, Harry Haworth by conspiring with a British General of WWII, General Byng, in order to depose him and as a result, Verloc uses Harry as a test subject for the Joy drug and tricks some of his subordinates by saying that Harry was on vacation. And needless to say, Verloc doesn't take this well and sent one of his men to capture Gemma. Great game to play at Halloween too btw. He hears Gwen, and realizes that she's keeping a baby in her house. Additional NPC Characters After defeating said police officer, Arthur then goes into Verloc's office and calls him out of it. PE Proposal: Dr. Anton Verloc M (Mature for Blood and Gore, Strong language, Mild Violence, Strong Sexual Content). Verloc Down Joy Doctor surnames are named after famous poets. What if you're wrong? Dr. Anton Verloc is the playable protagonist of Verloc Down, The teasers show how Dr. Smilez betrayed Dr. Verloc and escape from his glass cells, and will feature characters such as Sally Boyle, Gwen Boyle, and Johnny Bolton. (voice), Mrs. Pankhurst / There is General Byng who doesn't mind children being sold to Germany in order to obtain a Papier Mache tanks because to avoid more casualties, the one who commissioned the research of the Joy Pill and tries to keep Sally all for himself. Additional Voices The Joy Doctors make sure people take their Joy. Joy Doctors also known as Doctors are antagonists in We Happy Few. Anton felt guilty due to a bad batch of Joy and people become downers after they heard Uncle Jack's last tape. He became bitter and hateful after she left him, but he never found out about the baby. A Joy Doctor is seen at the very beginning of the game force-feeding Joy to one of Arthur's coworkers. Anton saw the torch that it is on the floor, he then picks it up and turns on the light. (Even though it's rather implicit at best but it's still there). When he hears Gwen, whereupon Sally injects him with her knockout syringe from behind in the right side of his neck. Dr. Smilez orders his henchmen to capture Anton and lock him up at the glass cells. Despite the psychological implications of this utterance, the statement itself is ironically correct, as being sleep deprived for 72 hours straight or more can result in psychological episodes and/or in some cases, death. Arthur goes to the Haworth Laboratory to get cod liver oil for Sally. Laughable at best. After the Haworth Labs has been destroyed by Victoria Byng, Dr. Smilez notices the paper of ingredients for Joy is the only one who survived the explosion. They then try to release Arthur to his holding cell, but are unable to as the button controlling the door is broken. Suddenly, the caged plague wastrels got out of the cages after Anton opens it. Charles Peter / Dr. Anton Verloc is the director of Haworth Labs in Wellington Wells and an antagonist in We Happy Few. After realizing Victoria is off her Joy, he plans to have her locked up with Harry Haworth, only to be reasoned by Victoria herself, stating that he cannot lock her "like poor mad Harry." She runs to him and hugs as tells that he was okay now. Nigel Lawson / Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Arthur Hastings is a corporate hitman tasked with rooting out a whistleblower. Anton was shocked that he would do that to the children, His father appears again and tells him to stop it. Robert Byng believes that Sally's daughter is Verloc's child, and her silence to the accusation confirms it. He is pissed with Sally because she was in protection with the General and claims that she stole his notes even though it was made clear that it was Sally's original note and nevermind the fact that he was an abusive dick towards Sally back then. Why is it not in the pneumatic? Michael Shaeffer. If the player knocks out or kills a Welly/Bobby, the Joy Doctor will deploy a "revive tool" and resurrect any unconscious or deceased Wellies/Bobbies. Joy doctors work for him, and he is one of the main antagonists. Additional NPC Characters ... #arthur hastings #anton verloc #we happy few #source: family guy. ?, And it also part of the We Happy Few 2 Season Pass. But let's start with one of the candidates that I brought on TV Tropes and this is from a game that could be enjoyed in the Halloween Season. In addition to this, they wear yellow wellingtons, black gloves and a happy face mask with an evil grin on it along with spectacles and a small black mustache on top. He doesn't care and he will plan to do so anyway because if Wright Brothers can fly, then Verloc can release the Permanent Solution. But at the same time, Verloc sent one of his boys to check some strange noises in Sally's house to investigate strange noises which turned out to be Sally's child. Simply put, Verloc is most likely to be "going on holiday" very soon. In addition to this, there is a toppled statue of Verloc in the head office of the hospital, replaced by a statue of Doctor Ridgwell, Verloc's statue has been defaced with the words "FUCK VERLOC."