Intense focus is needed even on drills or rescue exercises at sea. It’s a life changing career both for you, your team mates and the person you saved. According to an online job posting that I saw, search and rescue officers abroad earn as much as $76,968 in a year. For many seafarers, the only way to work on ships and the high seas is to apply for a position in merchant vessels. The ability to build confidence on your team and direct total strangers to give assistance is what every industry needs. This is not about boot-licking or S-I-P. Those traits are not taught during training. Knowing who has the right connections in your organization to the seafaring industry will put you in an advantage. Apply to Community Service Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Delivery Driver and more! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Search and Rescue (SAR) units work in cities, national parks, military operations, police forces and firefighter squads to help save lives. A person with strong character can be easily distinguished in a simple conversation particularly during job interview. Non-profit, non-government organization (NGO) may rely on government and charity for donations. Every rescue effort you make will leave a deep scar in your life and the life of the people you save. or MARINA SID/ SRB (Seaman's Book ) Online Application: Complete Guide, The New POEA Eregistration Version 2 - Update for OFWs and Seafarers, How to Recover Your MARINA MISMO Account- Forgot Password, Email Address and SRN Number, Seaman's Salary Per Month on International Ships. Giving a few years of your life on this line of work can be rewarding. As a seaman for quite a few years now, experienced highly skilled, SAR rescuers engaging exercises with our ship. If you find a position that catches your eye we encourage you to apply online through this website. We only accept applications online. The people or person in distress must pay the rescue team a certain amount in a form of insurance. By being a search and rescue volunteer, you are making better use of your time and energy. These traits are instilled in their training and developed during their career. Perhaps, the word volunteer is not so appealing. We hate spam. Intense focus is needed even on drills or, If you take this career very seriously, there is a good chance that you can find a SAR job overseas. Everybody on board drops what they’re doing and watch how this dramatic scene unfolds when it happens. There will be lots of training and skills that a rescuer must learn.