Transform your doorway into a Perfect multi-gym and get a total upper body workout with the Perfect Multi-Gym Pullup. b) Next, align the holes at the center where the 2 Bars slide together. Page 8 STEP 1 a) Attach the Left and Right Bar Assembly together by first sliding the Left Bar Assembly into the Right Bar Assembly. Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar Review - YouTube Use your body weight to build and strengthen your muscles; it's mutlifunctional to accomodate pullups, chinups, situps, and dips. Ideal for every fitness level, the bar can be used in a variety of ways to target different areas of the body. Perfect’s doorway pull-up bar is subtle, leaving the door fully functional once installed. Multi-functional Pull-up Bar The collection of Pull products features Perfect Multi-Gym systems and a traditional pull-up bar.