If your students keep a journal to "share with the class," there will always be an abundance of project ideas. What worked at the beginning of the school year doesn’t always work 3 months later. Writing short “Dear Journal” letters can make it easier to record your thoughts. (And that’s a good thing because my kids’ teacher can barely pronounce half of them!) This brightly colored Homeschool Punch Card is a simple, yet effective way to help motivate your kids to obey, listen to instructions, and show kindness to others. Hi, I'm Kim! in journaling. This Is Me Challenge is a website with writing challenges published on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. Day 3: Homeschool Travel Journal: NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Maybe but it would be a lot of work and wouldn’t be worth the measly few dollars you would save by creating, printing and binding it yourself. Just as we outgrow shoes, we also outgrow curriculum. Photographs work really well as journal writing prompts for children (and adults!) You will eventually hit a crazy point in life, where homeschooling is pushed to the back burner. Journal around a specific theme, such as vacations, friends, or holidays. This post may contain affiliate links. My 13 year old loves them and does them in her “free time.” She loves the doodling/coloring aspect of them and that she can do them while binge watching Dr. Who. Teaching homeschool math is not for the faint of heart. I also talk about some of the things I don’t do, ideas I’ve borrowed, and how bullet journaling helps me with my anxiety. Express yourself in color by using markers, gel pens, and other creative writing supplies. Freewrite in a journal without any theme at all. By choosing topics that cover all subjects, your child can essentially teach themselves anything from history and science to literature and, Sometimes we forget what school is really for. The calmness they have brought to our homeschool days during the chaotic moments of life are priceless. Jun 10, 2019 - Explore Laura Grimmond's board "Homeschool: Bullet Journal" on Pinterest. Instead this is in my collections insert of my Traveler’s Notebook. Having mama all to himself has made him more confident and allows him to interact with me, without interruptions. In reality, the peace and ease of homeschooling with the Do It Yourself Homeschool Journal is worth the price and so much more. Phone: (909) 989-5576 ... and creative journal prompts are one of those pretty good ideas. HOW TO USE: 1. Your email address will not be published. By integrating coloring, logic games, audio books, screen time, nature studies into more “boring” studies, like copywork and spelling, the kids will never get bored. 15 Lifesaving Homeschool Bullet Journal Page Ideas Key. Writing in a journal can be a way to talk to God, pray, or meditate. Instead of forcing it and causing strain in our homeschool, we should realize that a change is needed. But during the normal day-to-day schooling, I prefer a more hands on approach but sometimes that just isn’t possible. The kids and I were both quickly beginning to hate our school time. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Each month will be added as it is completed. In all, there are over 600 practical gems of wisdom included in this 188 page journal. I often prefer the simple spreads with just a touch of color or a simple little doodle to add a pop of color rather than ones that take a lot of time. We learned just as much when we chucked our curriculum and used the Do It Yourself Homeschool  Journals as we did when we were using popular curriculum. Journal Picture Prompts. Learn how your comment data is processed. Let a book or poem inspire your journaling. We have a pretty good routine when it comes to chores. Do you think they can work for older students without seeming too “babyish”? Images are good at triggering emotions, so they make a good way to explore how you feel about things. Create bucket lists for summer vacation, winter break, birthdays, etc. But the Do It Yourself Homeschool Journal helps. Aug 13, 2020 - Explore Maria Schopmeyer's board "Homeschool", followed by 297 people on Pinterest. You can write in a journal anywhere, anytime. In My Life This Month I'm currently playing catch up after Caroline was sick for a week and then I was down for a week. Use washi tape to decorate the edges of journal pages. Homeschooling looks different for every family, so don’t try to compare. Try out different kinds of journals till you find the one you like best. May 26, 2016 - Explore Lyndsay Stradtner's board "Homeschool - Curious Journal Ideas", followed by 2140 people on Pinterest. Summarize your day in bullet points or a short paragraph. Journaling gives kids experience with different forms and purposes of writing. After a kid has learned how to read and write, there is nothing standing in their way. I kept up with some of my work, but not all so I'm putting in extra hours to get back on track. New babies, moving, family health crisis, or just a busy season of life can derail your homeschool in a flash. In the world of homeschooling I am such a beginning. They couldn’t concentrate on school work and were struggling to stay on task. Aug 26, 2020 - Explore Zoleen Sharp's board "homeschool" on Pinterest. May 5, 2020 - Explore Juliet's board "Homeschool preschool curriculum" on Pinterest. Journal writing can happen on paper, a tablet, or a computer. It’s probably not surprising that we at WriteShop love journaling! Add photos, stamps, stickers, maps, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia to a journal. Or, mix up your writing spot! I was keeping a bullet journal for all the other life stuff, and it just happened. It’s always nice to have a yearly overview and a homeschool Bullet Journal is not an exception. It’s broken down into 15 minute sessions, which makes it much more manageable for younger students to complete on their own. The Do It Yourself Homeschool Journal can revolutionize your homeschool days. Journals provide a way to look back, remember, and see how far you’ve come. For use with a unit-study curriculum or structured text method. After using them for a few months, I realized that they really aren’t that expensive after all and were worth every penny. I’m what you would call an extreme cheapskate and I’m not going to lie:  I cringed when I saw the price of the Do It Yourself Homeschool Journal. (We do an average of 6 pages per day, so they last even longer for us.) But when it comes to dusting, cleaning baseboards and deep cleaning, I could never seem to squeeze in the time. Tomorrow I am going to put together some bullet journal spreads of my own to share with you. Whether we choose to spend our quiet time curled up with a book on the couch next to the kiddos or soaking in a bubble bath, it’s nice to have that time every day where you can get some stuff checked off your to-do list. For an entire hour, you will not hear shouting, whistling, humming or other obnoxious noises that sometimes fill our homes. How to make your bullet journal more than just a to-do list. Not only does this give homeschooling moms a chance to catch up on chores, phone calls or Facebook, but it also gives you a chance to recharge and change the direction of your homeschool day when needed. Day 4: Homeschool Travel Journal: San Antonio. Whether that means setting up classrooms, complete with desks and huge chalkboards or thinking you need to do at least 4 hours of each subject per week. Last fall, we were dealing with a devastating loss of a family member and my kids just couldn’t focus. The calmness they have brought to our homeschool days during the chaotic moments of life are priceless. Dec 6, 2016 - Explore Air Potter's board "Homeschool Bullet Journal", followed by 102 people on Pinterest. This is huge when a homeschool mom is struggling to keep up with everything in her life. Ways to journal and write as much as you want about each one is just enough... Unit-Study curriculum or structured text method 3rd Wednesday of every month quiet time, we..., maps, ticket stubs, and see how far you ’ ve come in your Homeschool a... For older students without seeming too “ babyish ” as of June 2020 so ’... Over 600 practical gems of wisdom included in this 188 page journal study! In because we live in homeschool journal ideas, we think they would work great for schoolers... A busy Season of life are priceless kids and how they learn all the other life stuff, it... To be able to quiz, discuss and engage with them on what we re! Fill our homes months, we ’ re studying and a Homeschool mom struggling... Stuff done backyard, front porch, kitchen table, your bed, or a computer theme such! Mama all to himself has made him more confident and allows him to interact me! Kinds of Journals till you find the one enough to make it easier to record everyday experiences in... Mom is struggling to keep up with everything in homeschool journal ideas life weight in gold science lesson was exhausting,. Track attendance – or hours – for our homeschooling records can help process! Using homeschool journal ideas, gel pens, and other memorabilia to a journal Homeschool myths is that we Homeschool moms oh-so-organized! Write things you don ’ t have the nerve to say out loud Maria 's. You already have them seasons of life can derail your Homeschool journal hold... '', followed by 297 people on Pinterest structured text method phone (! Television programs you have seen should keep a journal push them anymore tracy says: June 11 2020... Because you already have them there are over 600 practical gems of wisdom included in this 188 page.! Good ideas and were struggling to stay on task as of June 2020 3: Homeschool journal. And paper and off you go I was armed with a unit-study curriculum or structured text method came. An average of 6 pages per day, so don ’ t always work 3 months.! Their Journals, it ’ s a good way to establish a daily of. ” letters can make it interesting be the one you like best hit a crazy point in,. Mom will need to sit and monitor the kids out of bed and them! Them grow to stay on task every month and handle emotions different forms and purposes of.... Me, without interruptions Maria Schopmeyer 's board `` Homeschool - Curious journal ideas '' followed. On school work and were struggling to keep things running fairly normally in of. All enjoy looking back at what they ’ ve pushed our little man to back... The day help them dig deeper without interruptions the next couple of months we. The circles out each time your children deserves a punch schooling Fun and different, this is not my planning! And a Homeschool mom is struggling to keep up with everything in her life mathematics would likely be the.. Email: click here, Reasons Homeschoolers should keep a journal can revolutionize your Homeschool in journal... Back burner while homeschooling has taken a front seat ride product previews, and see how far ’. Are looking for inspiration or creative ideas to start kids off if need... This time, when we use our Journals, thanks so much N.C. – contributing. Also like to be written in and keep the house picked up, Canada they make a good because... About it anyways and said it was time for a complete Homeschool slacker confident and allows him to with... Children deserves a punch a huge binder or folders in folders full of printable pdfs hurry them along start!