Cajon is being popularised here in this country. So with all that said, now you know the potential, let’s get started. I will study your videos carefully and email you with any specific questions, Keep rocking for Jesus buddy!

Ole!!!!! The cajon is still rather new so there is really no set way of doing anything on the cajon, however, what with it becoming so popular, there are quite a few ways of doing things that are becoming common. Learn from those who know. I’d like to ask you if you could suggest a song at the end of each lesson, a song which has a similar groove as the one in the lesson, so it would become more convenient to learn the groove as well get to pick up a new song. This really is the big one. Almost always listening to Vicente Amigo, Paco de Lucía, Chano Domínguez, etc. You actually need to get your fingers to bounce off while the palm side stays on the edge. Sou musico e estou iniciando no cajon e suas aulas são de grande ajuda! Enjoy unlimited access to our HD video lessons and our step-by-step courses anywhere, any time. It’s sometimes written on ledger lines and sometimes written as S B T system eg. Un beso. I copied my idols. te felicito! Dear Oliver!

Hi Heidi, Yianni, Whoops, of course I meant to say Fermando’s Kitchen…right let’s tackle than rumba pattern…x, Hey Heidi, thanks for inspirational videos, the more I try to play the more respect I have for your playing. Buddy don’t feel bad at all, the very reason I actually started putting up my videos and doing everything really slowly was cos I could NEVER catch anything from those fast vids!!!!!

Here’s a basic Rumba groove lesson, explained and counted. I really look attractive when you play the cajon Hello Heidi, Listen All-About-Cajon, Free Lessons, Cajon Shop. Ola!! Thank you very much and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers. compre mi primer cajon, un 2 en 1 ( un lado peruano, y el otro flamenco ) Finally the most important thing you can do especially as a beginner of the cajon is start off on the right foot. My goodness, woman, you are sexy. Muito bom!!!! Looking around on YouTube for good rhythms I found your lesson’s and inspired by this I decided to get me a cajon (unfortunately not a Cruz Cajón which I first recognized after ordering the first one). It’s only when it’s slow that I can learn it, and once I got it, only then do I take the speed up gradually, and this is why I take this approach in all my video lessons…. More videos and lessons to follow, even with guitarist and bassist, so keep an eye out! Because of the way we play the cajon and the fact that it is also our seat, it is very important to make sure we are sitting in the right way and have a good posture when playing. I got one cajon from Madrid Spain but your signature cajon sounds a lot different. Hi Heidi. Hi Heidi,

Is there any chance that you know anyone in Rotterdam who offers Cajon lessons? And I am very glad you like my videos!

Amazing work with your videos! It is really a good idea to do a short warm up before playing of some basic hand stretches. Always I play on concerts, my drum needs a full car, so I decided to sometimes play the cajon instead of the drums. Saw your videos and went out the next day and got myself a cajon. However, I wanted to ask if you use metronomes when your performing or it’s just for exercises only? a fan from Vietnam! Hi Heidi! The main slap tone of the cajon is equally as important as the bass tone and there is more of a technique to it that simply hitting the top of the box. I whish you have a lesson cd soon.

Nonetheless, I cannot thank you enough for helping me out play the cajon. help! I’m from Turkey.My English is very bad but I think this is not an obstacle. !1 El Cajon Cruz es mi marca. Make sure that you are not hitting the cajon too hard. Very good Job, ur class its awesome, and been learning a lot….. Can u do one more class with the guitar,,, how to follow the guitar… Altos y bajos?

Learn rhythms that your mind already is familiar with. Now one of the most popular percussion instruments in the world, you can use it to play a simple rock or funk beats to latin and flamenco styles with complex rudimentary fills. Kisses,

Stay with music.. gracias por responderme. Many thanks! Thank your lessons I have learned a lot. However, they’re not like you because they didn’t play slowly after going at a regular speed demo, thus I can’t learn the groove/beats that they demonstrated in the video.