(great, considerable, enormous, huge, significant) " The positive benefit of my injury is I finally get some rest. 28. I feel that women in all types of employment can, 27. You need to spend at least a week there to get the full, 30. If you confer a benefit, never reme I had mixed feelings when I learned of your new assignment. From an economic point of view , the new development will, 29. Check your DNS Settings. As a rewards member, I receive the benefit of free Internet when I … The are several grammatical sentences possible here: 'A can be a benefit for B', 'A can be a benefit from B', 'A can benefit from B', or 'A can be benefitted by B' [though I would not use from here, some people would].Benefit is a noun in the first two, but a verb in the others. Marmite-lovers, particularly vegetarians and vegans, By using large, easily mobile poultry sheds he allows his birds to, Mr. Santhosh said that few people were able to, More than 357000 Eastern Cape pensioners are to, We suggest that competitive displays more reliably signal female quality as compared to noncompetitive ones, and that males, The principle of freedom of testation leaves a person free to choose who should, Both give estimates of how many U.S. workers would, She emphasizes that the indigent detainees who will, Based on your results, your doctor may decide, for instance, that you would, Do not martyr yourself, as you will only be resented for doing so! How to use benefit in a sentence. benefit example sentences. A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server. High quality example sentences with “benefit from” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English [i.e., humanity would receive benefits] When speaking of the person or thing providing benefits, use the preposition of after the plural noun benefits: You need to spend at least a week there to get the full, 19. Medically, we will derive great benefit from this technique. The sentence is not correct, but your teacher (if that is exactly what he said) is not correct either. Lawyers and judges can still benefit from thoughtful analysis of case law and statutes. 3. freddy1 2645004 This is for your benefit.CK 1844598 What's the benefit of this? She studied every evening and reaped the, 25. Check your DNS Settings. How to use benefit from in a sentence Looking for sentences with "benefit from"? 268+27 sentence examples: 1. Although we will miss you, we have to admit that management has made a wise choice in placing you where they can, 12. Your IP: 3. Additional troubleshooting information here. The two-bedroomed apartments, spread over four floors, Also, I lucked into a few things that helped me cope, that maybe someone else in a similar situation could, Reducing the failure rate in practice is therefore crucial if patients are to, Meanwhile young Tamils were flocking to join the militant groups which were soon to, The authors suggest that tamoxifen may be underused in selected groups of women who could, I don't intend to live at my daughter's flat or, How do the citizens and taxpayers of Utah, The operation of other implements, like post-hole diggers and backhoes, can also, For mild cases of teething, most infants will, Marine mammals and large flying birds are the animals most likely to be able to, Fish will scavenge for insects and plant life in the pond but will also, Fundamentalist and survivalist groups that promote apocalyptic visions also, Even patients with purulent secretions usually have viral infections and do not, We are writing this because we hope other campaigns may, It's also the one season in which couples and singles are at peace with each other, as both, You must usually tie your money up for the full term to, Woodpeckers, flickers, chickadees and nuthatches are among the many species that, But given the pernicious infighting in the sport, it may be some time before punters can fully, Those of you who have messy case interiors will, If you use beer engines, decide which beers, Individuals who belong to high-risk ethnic groups might also, Good compost is a must for every garden, and all of your plants will, Eighteen villages and two urban settlements in the northeastern district of Monduli will, Manufacturers experiencing molding problems may, It seems that some patients needing blood transfusions may, A side advantage is that your skin will also, She challenged women to take advantage of this opportunity as they stood to, The money will also be used for small projects which improve quality of life for people in areas which will, At least 65 projects involving 57 organisations will, Millions of patients who gain weight as a result of taking medication could, The service can only exist on the subscriptions received from households who, These situations are never good ones to be in, but if we can derive some sort of, Try to present a tranquil and composed appearance to your team as they will, The main Canadian minorities have better social conditions and, It turns out this gentle giant has miraculous healing powers which some of them get a chance to, All import and export companies, shippers and shipping lines using Yantian port will, All those daunted by the next sermon for Trinity Sunday will, In the end, the sustainability of the aquaculture industry will, We are looking at all levels from entry to very experienced but the candidate would, As for the assertion that only fans and the club would, Because fall cabbages require a long growing season, they'll, Young or old, first baby or fifth, all mothers-to-be, Some of the songs are also too long and would, The beachwear line of boardies and bikinis, A flagging enterprise may survive and prosper as a bolt-on acquisition or, If places like Scarborough and Doncaster don't, Guns, however, remain unfettered, which suggests that they, The vast majority of Czechs, Slovaks and Slovenians will stay at home anyway, but we will also, It will bring an economic boost for Waterford, which will also, Both emotionally stable and unstable students can, Quite frankly, there might one day be an unsuspected, In such a setting he could demonstrate to the social climbers that they could, Rational salaried managers thus tend to be too risk-averse because they do not, The slightly elevated topography ensures that buildings, She was one of hundreds of customers who were trying in vain to, So why don't you root out those unwanted specs and let some less fortunate, Even media businesses or services without a web presence can, But while club members get reduced fees for entry to sites, non-members also, People with allergies to chemical ingredients in some non-organic products, Experienced Java programmers and project leaders will, Patients suffering from cholesterol emboli syndrome, a progressive disease unresponsive to therapy, may, As the dust settles we are now a little better placed to identify those businesses that are likely to, The cabbage white and its caterpillars are doing fine and aphids like greenfly are likely to. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " His height was a great benefit for playing basketball. The most common cause is that your DNS settings are incorrect. She derived no benefit from the course of drugs. Performance & security by Cloudflare. • Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f0f056b7926bd6d Sentencedict.com try its best to collect and make good sentences. Increased motivation is more than an incidental. Since I get sick a lot, my health insurance is one work-related benefit I really appreciate. If such a drug were developed, the benefits to humanity would be immense. (proven, practical, long-term, short-term, direct, indirect, lasting, potential) We should never remember the benefit we have offered nor forget the favour received. (positive, unexpected) " This machine has proven benefits. Example sentences with the word benefit. From an economic point of view , the new development will, 17. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. Examples of Benefit in a sentence. It is questionable whether all the banks can benefit from an economic upswing. The most common cause is that your DNS settings are incorrect. 2. A healthy skin tone is a benefit that comes from exposure to sunlight. In 1986 more than three million were receiving unemployment, 23. The company plans to beef up our fringe, 25. a payment, advantage, or gift. A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server. 4. I feel that women in all types of employment can, 13. shanghainese 57136 This law will benefit the poor. 2. 171+5 sentence examples: 1. Not making a will can have serious consequences for the people you might wish to. It is certainly worth checking up on your, 22. How differences between men and women might be used for our mu-tual, 26. 1094018 Tom gave Mary the benefit of the doubt. Please contact your hosting provider to confirm your origin IP and then make sure the correct IP is listed for your A record in your Cloudflare DNS Settings page. CK 1 2116326 What are the benefits? 5. Definition of Benefit. This would be very regrettable as I'm sure the local shops and restaurants, particularly in the evening, Some of the people who blindly followed the incumbent leader preferred to keep him so that they could, Five groups in the district are among the 178 organisations in the south-west that will, The oligarchs are greatly resented by large numbers of Russians who did not, Horror movies are often done on the cheap and require no big-name stars and even, Those interested in construction of the Johannine community and literary approaches to the Gospel will, Given that exercise can combat business travel stress, not to mention dining indulgences, road warriors could, Our experience shows that only those patients who present binaural interference during binaural speech tests would not, Experts can advise on everything from door chains, window locks and alarms to whether you might. A stammering child can benefit from speech therapy. 27. It is questionable whether all the banks can, Unlike traditional state-funded schools, city academies, He said across the country as few as one per cent of all those who could, In principle, tasks such as quantum cryptography, secret sharing and dense coding all, So the question is which of the political groups will later, These cattle will be managed by the community, who will, The webinar is designed to be at the introductory level, but even long-time bloggers will, Instructors actively recruit students who would, Rear passengers in the extended cabs also, Cattle ranching, however, has become more important to them and many Sioux derive some economic, A rapprochement is essential if developing nations are to, A paralysed man in the US has become the first person to, He also found it helpful to think of the people who'd, Good easy-drinking summer style, which could, Even moderate and reasonable right-wingers, Gold is the only mineral commodity which is expected to, Loveseats, club chairs and ottomans, wing chairs, recliners and dining chairs all can, Rightly or wrongly, it's also true that fans and politicians, Both the bank and the entrepreneurial company, Because of feeding difficulties, the mothers of these infants may, The houses are exempt from stamp duty for owner occupiers and also, So blaming itself is a very satisfying emotion, but there is no remedial, It is likewise forbidden to make use of a stolen article or derive any, So wouldn't it be better to live in Scotland and, But it remains to be seen whether Bank of Scotland account holders will also, On the other hand, my students and my research assistant gained some, Annual testing will allow identification of children who have acquired CMV infection and might, Further research would identify those patients most likely to, Whether patients at lower risk for infection, This may give females a particularly large, If they have not had any levodopa they will, Smokers with a high level of anxiety symptoms could possibly, He is a world class player and any team would, There are many good reasons for the small independent business to locate in this area to.