After arriving at Mericourt’s location using the main road, head inside from the open window and assassinate enemies inside. Reach the south side of the restricted area and look for Extremists marksmen and climb the rooftop to perform an aerial-assassination on two Extremists guarding the archway. When you've finally gotten that out of the way, you'll be sent to the duel. Open up this door and use your Phantom Blades to finish off the Jacobin Leader. Any sort of pausing - checking the map or otherwise - will not stop the clock. When he's escaped, don't run after him just yet; locate the Hôtel de Ville on the map and scan it at ground level to locate another (2/2) Sync Point. For the second document, you’ll have to intercept a man patrolling in the heart of the courtyard. The most important of these two is the notebook, as it holds far more than Paton could possibly remember off the top of his head. Heist missions are randomized replayable missions you can play for loot. Go through the archway and reach the catacombs on the right side. Escape the area from the west side with proper coordination. If that sounds like too much for one game to be, you're right. We are supposed to be able to do all co-op missions solo. Rewards: Master Phantom Hood, Master Brigand Breeches, Legendary Musketeer Coat. Get past the gate and you'll find that the radicals have three cannons to dissuade the march as a last resort. The highest threat are nine snipers camped out in the buildings along the path to the opera house; find and kill all of them to ensure Napoléon's safety. Assassin's Creed Unity heeft de volgende leeftijdsclassificatie: © 2019 Ubisoft Entertainment. Ubisoft, and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries. Grab the documents and leave the area to complete the mission. I could, however, tell you all about the gear I've unlocked from the various systems mentioned above, what's been beneficial in co-op vs single player, and what mission I'm pursuing in order to get the next piece of gear. The other two letters can be found inside white tents located in the area. Certain abilities and certain areas only became available once you progressed in the main campaign. Next up is the second (2/4) Sync Point within the Bastille, which you can access on ground-level near its location. Baan je een weg door de verbluffende levensgrote open-wereld stad, wat alleen mogelijk is dankzij een totaal nieuwe game-engine. Fend off the ambush, then find the entrance to the Jacobins' escape tunnel (a torch near the fireplace). This will almost always cause a fight with the rest of the enemies in the area, especially since there's an alarm bell here. Wij introduceren Assassin's Creed® Unity, de next-gen evolutie van de topfranchise aangedreven door de verbeterde Anvil-engine. After eliminating all the Jacobins, you’ll be ambushed by a small battalion of enemies. In order to find symbols (to solve the puzzle), you’ll have to work as a team and eliminate all threats as they appear. There are achievements for finishing each base game and DLC co-op mission and heist, and these can be found on the bottom of the heists' page, as you'll likely be doing those after the co-op missions. You'll first need to find her by finding two clues she's left behind in sacks. Do note that you cannot let Roux escape and must seize the opportunity to kill Roux at this point which will complete the mission – after the leaving the highlighted area, of course. Assassin's Creed Unity; Co-op missions solo? After that, of course, kill the second spy and escape the area to finish the mission. Your final task in this mission is to retrieve Danton’s letters from the area located on the northeast side. The raiders really, really want to take his loot. If need be, don’t hesitate to snipe a few of them before moving forward. Once inside, use your Eagle Vision to identify your targets and plan your strategy accordingly. Your last target is inside a restricted zone with randomized entry points. Instead, approach a more stealth-based approach and leave the area immediately. Assassin's Creed Unity switches this equation around, placing the emphasis on loot and collectible hunting over the story by giving your character and all of the missions a “level.”, Ubisoft Outlines Assassin's Creed Unity's Season Pass Content, Details on Assassin's Creed Unity and its Special Editions Revealed, [E3 2014] - Assassin's Creed Unity Interview with Leslie Phord-Toy, Latest Assassin's Creed Unity Update Includes Master Key, Drake Hollow Co-Op Stream Recap and Impressions, an open-world game where you run, climb, jump, shank, and sneak as in previous titles, an action-RPG "light" game where your character's equipment determines his effectiveness in combat, how well he can sneak about, and how much ammunition/healing items he can carry, a game with a mobile companion app where you can recruit and send assassins on quests, similar to the mini-game introduced in, a game with co-op side missions that yield money and randomized loot, a game with "murder mystery" side missions where you search for clues and questions witnesses, a game with a semi-social aspect where players can form clubs, get points, and compete against other players' clubs for bragging rights and some rewards, a game that is at the forefront of Ubisoft's new "Initiates" program where all of your progress throughout the AC franchise can be tracked and rewards doled out (not working at the time of this writing), a game that features microtransactions allowing you to bypass everything in the past four bullets, a game that is the testing ground for Ubisoft's new graphical engine for next-gen consoles. He's been sent to the guillotine and his book of secrets is to be perused through. De geplaveide straten zijn rood van het bloed van gewone mensen die op durfden staan tegen de onderdrukkende aristocratie. Speel als Arno, een totaal nieuw soort sluipmoordenaar, en schakel je prooi uit met allerlei nieuwe wapens zoals de phantom blade, een verborgen mes met kruisboogfuncties. Once you’re on the upper floor, assassinate all Extremists there using Phantom Blade headshots. It’s recommended to split up and assassinate sentries in the area. When the snipers are dead, kill the enemies on the ground and stay ahead of the march as they approach the large gate up ahead. If that sounds like too much for one game to be, you're right. Grab the (1/5) Sync Point to the north, which will be at the water's edge. Firstly, investigate the rooftops and assassinate the marksmen watching over the entry points before diverting your attention to the Jacobins. The entirety of Assassin's Creed has been turned into a sort of terrible loot grind. During the next section, it’s extremely important that none of your teammates gets spotted. Take the ledger to find the captured Assassins' locations. General Marcourt, a Templar, is hosting a tournament to find new recruits. The first (1/4) Sync Point is at the top of the spire its placed above and the second (2/4) Sync Point is in the prisoner area behind a locked gate. The lone wanderer (guardsman) is no threat and you can loot him without any difficulty. Travel with the funeral procession and scout ahead for raider leaders, then kill them to disperse their attacks. Set in the middle of the French Revolution of the late 1700s, Assassin's Creed Unity follows the story of a young nobleman turned assassin, Arno. Danton, the man you saved in the previous mission, is up next for the guillotine. Before you finish this objective, you'll want to get the last of the Sync Points, so you may as well do that now. After dealing with enemies, head towards the waypoint on the south side. Assassins have previously tried to kill Roux, but they have failed and are possibly being held prisoner. The idea is to have good coordination and create a unique blend of these unique playstyles of individual players. The story missions do not support co-op. The other group should stay on ground and toss Poison Bombs at the oncoming attackers. The other should head inside the cell areas and clear out the area of all enemies followed by going through the tunnel to reach the next cell area. The fourth (4/5) Sync Point is higher up inside the main areas. Home » Assassin's Creed Unity » AC Unity Sync Point Locations – The Tournament Co-op. For more help on Assassin’s Creed Unity, read our Helix Rifts Tips, Companion App Glyph Puzzles and Creed Points Farming Guide. At this point, you’ll encounter National Guard who will make it harder for you to escape the area. Your desired item will be in either of these two buildings. If you can pick locks at all (Apprentice Locksmith), you should be able to pick the front door of the building containing this sync point. These reward stealth by giving more loot to stealthier playthroughs. Rewards: Master Military Coat, Master Sans-Culottes Hood, Legendary Prowler Bracers. “PlayStation” and the “PS” Family logo are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Nintendo trademarks and copyrights are properties of Nintendo. Locations of these sacks is highly randomized, but I would recommend getting to each sack with other assassins. After finding the notebook, use a nearby staircase to descend to ground level and then head for the river's edge. Finishing this can be extremely frustrating because, at least in my experience, Arno doesn't always move to the place you want him to move to. Rewards: Improved Bourgeois Bracers, Improved Prowler Breeches, Arno’s Master Coat. She'll tell you a general area of where to find the head of operations' higher-ups after she and you kill the nine men guarding a stock of food. Use eagle vision to locate each of the three hostages, then return to where you found the ledger and try to find Roux. Once you’re done with the previous objective, head over to Bastille and head inside with a direct attack on the south gate. You’ll find your second target in the very middle of the hedge maze. Austrians have joined the loyalist cause and their spies intend to take down Georges Jacques Danton, a revolutionary that the Templars want to get rid of. If you decide to go for the roof, as is the case with most, you should consider taking out all snipers as a higher priority; at lower equipment levels, they can easily blast through your health in an instant.