We love seeing the kiddies dressed up in their fancy dress attire; however, kids nowadays grow so fast it’s unlikely they’ll be able to wear the same Easter clothes year after year. Thankfully, there are several restaurants offering Easter day meal delivery (hello, Costco! They are quick and easy to prepare and I've had many a meal that includes these little delicious patties. I have complied for you a collection of the best soul food recipes that our African American community has to offer. The programs give kids a chance to share what they learned about Easter and (most importantly) to show off those Easter outfits. They’re offering family-style meals that include the entree of your choosing along with sides of soup, salad, and breadsticks. Oxtails and RiceWant some good eating? In Liberia, there is also American Chop. Tender and good tasting, serve pigs feet with some vinegar and hot sauce. Easter programs—whether they’re pageants, plays, or parades—are more like an Easter variety show, with a little bit of singing, performing, speaking, and sometimes dancing. As kids and even today, we always dressed to the hilt. There were two special eggs: One golden egg was filled with money and one was not. Whether we’re having a meal for two or 20, or eating at home or going to a restaurant, the idea of the Easter family dinner tradition is to celebrate togetherness. The cross on top of the bun is created by a mark cut into the bread dough or by strips of dough put on top of the bun just before it is baked. Order at CrackerBarrelToGo.com. I can smell it: my Grams kitchen. Serve with some fried hush puppies, fries, and slaw. Any conversation about the all-time favorite African American foods will make reference to soul food recipes such as collard greens, banana pudding, pecan pie, neck bones, black-eyed peas, fried chicken, pigs feet, pinto beans, chitterlings, cornbread, sweet potato pie, oxtails, and cabbage. This year, to make the looks their own, change up a detail on the outfit: Add a belt or a sash, or a special tie or pin. Ask your friends and family if their kids have any gently worn clothes from last Easter. African American Recipes @ soulfoodandsoutherncooking.com. “We’re throwing a homecoming party for Jesus. Candies, such as chocolate bunnies and eggs, are traditional Easter gifts typically consumed between Easter meals or as dessert. The boys wore three-piece suits. The stories you care about, delivered daily. Michelle Barry graduated from Salve Regina University with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Homemade Sweet TeaNobody make tea better than us southerns. This past Monday at the National Zoo in Washington D.C., there was an exhibition of dated black and white photos called “Easter Monday: An African-American Tradition.” As far back as 1891, black families would come in their Easter clothing to the National Zoo the Monday after Easter. The day typically ends with family dinner. The layered dessert is very popular among soul food and southern desserts. The Easter egg hunt is a long-standing family tradition and we always look forward to it.” —Vee J. Easter Sunday’s church service is always the focal point of the day. Mom's Homemade MeatloafAs traditional soul food meatloaf is typically served with brown gravy. I have complied for you a collection of the best soul food recipes that our As part of my family tradition, growing up my grandmother and mom always believed in feeding anyone who wanted to eat, so in preparation of that we cook for everyone’s differences and preference, by cooking and baking dishes with variety and flavor.” —Ayanna G. “After church, we would head to my parents for Sunday/Easter dinner. “It’s kind of like a party to celebrate Christ rising from the dead. For kids, the highlight of the day typically came in the form of tiny, colorful eggs hidden in different locations at home or at church. Their a-la-carte Easter dinner options include entrees like Belcampo rack of lamb (you’ll have to cook it yourself), chicken pot pie, and individual beef Wellingtons. “I try to get a head start on our Easter dinner by prepping the night before. There was an error adding this product to your cart. A relaxing place to discuss life issues, food, health, news and more related to the people of color. Those trips to the grocery store to stock up on all of our classic Easter dinner favorites are looking more than a little terrifying these days, so why not treat your family and yourself to a more stress-free meal this year?