The Anmeldung form is a one-page form where you detail the address you will be registering at as well as some of your personal details. However, if you can't present an address registration certificate at your visa appointment then you must instead show a rental contract and a written confirmation of occupancy from your landlord. For a smooth Anmeldung appointment, you should: Arrive at the Bürgeramt in Berlin 15 minutes prior to your appointment. If you plan on staying in Berlin for more than 3 months, then you must register your address at one of the city’s Bürgerämter (town halls). Copyright © 2020 Nomaden Berlin. Yes, although you need to complete your Anmeldung to receive your tax ID. As a result, it often takes newcomers a while to find suitable long-term accommodation to register at, a delay that means you can’t apply for a work visa in Germany and can’t receive a tax ID, meaning your work start date gets pushed further and further back. Ensure your name is on the letterbox of the address you are registering at. The process for re-registering is the same as for your initial Anmeldung in Berlin. Once your landlord has completed a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung form and you have completed an Anmeldung form, it’s time to attend your Anmeldung appointment at the Bürgeramt in Berlin. After registering your address, it takes approximately 2–4 weeks to receive your tax ID in the mail so it’s important to complete your Anmeldung as soon as possible to avoid any delays in getting your German tax ID to your employer. In recent years, Berlin has got stricter with regards to Anmeldung. The Anmeldung paperwork should be completed in German. Our advice is to always check with the landlord that address registration is possible before signing any sublet agreements or handing over a deposit/rent. A comprehensive guide to completing your address registration (Anmeldung) in Berlin in 2020. We guarantee that you complete your Anmeldung in your first week in Berlin, ensuring you encounter no delays in applying for a work visa in Berlin, receiving your tax ID and starting a new job. Below, we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding address registration (Anmeldung) in Berlin. A photocopy won't be accepted. While we outline the Anmeldung process below, this is all irrelevant if you don’t actually have an apartment in Berlin that you can register at. The landlord receives a notification when someone registers at their property. In general, we highly recommend that you book an appointment at a Bürgeramt to complete your Anmeldung in Berlin. After you moved to Berlin and found a place to live, you must register your address.This is called the Anmeldung.. Sounds straightforward, right? Well, while the administrative process is simple enough, finding a property to register at in Berlin is becoming harder by the day due to an increasingly competitive rental market and more stringent requirements by the authorities. Secondly, doing this without the landlord’s knowledge can lead to considerable issues for the tenant as the landlord will be notified when people register at their property – the landlord may accuse the tenant of illegally subletting the property to you, which can be grounds for eviction. This may leave you unable to convey important information regarding your address. No. How do I apply for a Working Holiday visa? By far the best way to secure an Anmeldung appointment at a Bürgeramt in Berlin is to book one online. Like most European capitals, Berlin currently has a housing shortage with demand outstripping supply. However, as appointments can be tricky to secure within this two-week period, many people register at a later date and are rarely penalised for this. If your country is in this list, you can open an N26 account without doing your Anmeldung. Most sublets in Berlin are done without the prior consent or knowledge of the landlord. When your number is show, go to the designed room and processing desk: Hand over your completed Wohnungsgeberbestätigung form, Anmeldung form and passport to the Bürgeramt worker. From booking an appointment at a Berlin Bürgeramt (town hall) and completing the relevant address registration paperwork, to receiving your address registration certificate and tax ID, this guide aims to ensure your Anmeldung in Berlin goes smoothly. Yes, although you need to complete your Anmeldung to receive your tax ID. Some Bürgerämter may be able to register you without an appointment if they are not busy (this is rare! When doing so, you will be given the “Meldebescheinigung“, a residence registration certificate. While some Bürgeramt workers will speak English, most will not. Strictly speaking, it is possible to apply for a visa without having completed your address registration. If leaving Germany permanently, you must de-register at your address. However, most crucially, you require your address registration certificate to apply for a visa at the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde) in Berlin, whether this is a Work Visa, Working Holiday Visa, EU Blue Card, Job Seekers Visa, Freelance Visa, Student Visa, German Language Visa or Au Pair Visa. On top of this, many Berlin residents choose to hold on to long leases and sublet their apartments when they move, instead of freeing it up for the rest of the market.