omeone who would take the shirt off his back and give it to you if you need it," he said. “It’s hard to wrap my head around a lot, because I don’t view myself as a role model,” Fettah says, later adding, “We’re humbled by it, we try to learn from it, we’ve taught ourselves that we are a role model to (some) youth in Winnipeg and across the country, and I think we act accordingly more so than we did in the beginning.”. “All That I Know” Fettah and his bandmates started Heatbag in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2008 that they formed Winnipeg’s Most. It’s all right there in the hook: “My baby want me out of the game but I tell her this is all that I know / I coulda took a 9 to 5 but the hustle life is what I chose / My team needs me on the streets but my fam wants me on the right road / And that pressure building up got me feelin’ like I’m about to explode.”. They followed that up with six more APCMAs in 2011. Jamie Prefontaine of the successful and controversial hip-hop band Winnipeg's Most has died. “I cannot stand the song … but the girls love it,” he explains. [11][12] On September 22, 2015, Jamie Prefontaine (aka Brooklyn), died at the age of 30.[13][14]. Winnipeg police and Crime Stoppers have released their most-wanted list for this month. To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names will appear with each submission to CBC/Radio-Canada's online communities (except in children and youth-oriented communities). - Advance tickets $15 at NSHB Studio & Clothing Store (255 Vaughn St.), Hood Hop’rz (1348 Main St.) and Cloudy Daze (232 Tyndal Ave.), or $20 at the door The band’s first big single conveys its quintessential struggle: the call of hustling versus doing what they know is right. Jon-C and Brooklyn are both Aboriginal artists, and the group was recently featured in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary series 8th fire. - Madchild, DJ Dow Jones, The Rupness Monsta with Cypha Diaz, Blu and Big Pesh & Halfstar will also perform "He took in a lot of people, showed a lot of people different stuff and talked about what loyalty and friendship was.". "I had an auntie who was murdered in the '90s, so I kind of know the feeling," he told CBC News. He adds that the group’s members are close. Since debuting in 2010, local hip-hop trio Winnipeg’s Most has released two albums and a mixtape, earned hit singles, garnered thousands of YouTube views, was featured prominently in a Maclean’s article on hip hop in Winnipeg and won more awards than Meryl Streep has Oscars. They’ve lived it. “I’m not a rapper motherfucker, I’m just spittin’ the truth / And I’m a demolition man when I step in the booth” are the first two lines in the song. NO BIG BAND ERA, NO OPERA, NO CLASSICAL ALBUM SETS. Jon-C is Aboriginal, and Fettah and Brooklyn are Metis. “It’s a tribute to the deceased,” Fettah says of the song, which was originally titled “Soul Fly.”. [5] These initial singles spawned videos directed by Stuey Kubrick and received airplay on Canada's Much Music. “I have a great loving family … but I made the choices that I made to make money because I wanted fast money. In a news release, police said Prefontaine was aware they were looking for him "and he is actively avoiding them.". “But at the same time ... we tell both sides of the story. Jamie was my best friend," said Illiano McKinney, a fellow performer who said the hip-hop community is devastated.