Vanilla is a more general term to refer to the flavor found in food dishes, while vanilla extract is what you would put into a dish to give it the certain flavor. Vanilla extract is the pure flavoring which is a real extract obtained from vanilla beans, while vanilla may vary in flavor … In the … Vanilla extract is made from steeping the fermented and cured vanilla beans or the bean pods of the vanilla orchid in alcohol.Vodka is commonly used to extract the flavor from vanilla beans since it's more a clean flavor than gin or even rum which can affect the flavor of the vanilla extract … Pure vanilla extract is made from vanilla beans steeped in alcohol and water. However, a finished vanilla extract contains a wide variety of additional compounds with complicated names that add to the richness, depth, and complexity of its flavors. Look for ‘pure’ on the label to make sure it’s not the imitation kind—the fake vanilla extract has a bitter aftertaste and won’t add that delicious flavor … While they are both effective, they do not have exactly the same characteristics. It is a rich, complex flavor and is dark brown in color. Extracts, therefore, are a great way to make your vanilla beans last longer. Combined with how readily available and fairly affordable vanilla extract … On the other hand, in a subsequent test in which real vanilla was tasted against extract in a cold, uncooked preparation (in this case, as the primary flavoring in eggnog), the real extract came out as the clear, nearly unanimous winner thanks to a more intense flavor … Vanilla powder and vanilla extract offer two ways to add vanilla flavor to desserts, beverages, and pastries.