Civil Engineering | Electrical Engineering | Cyber Systems | Government | Management Foxtrot operate the cadet conduct system, organizes the watch rotations, and updates the cadet regulations. The academy's athletics teams generally compete in Division III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Discipline, drive and service above self – the experience The U.S. Coast Guard Academy prepares future Coast Guard officers. 4th class cadets are responsible for learning and applying Coast Guard core values such as leadership, teamwork, attention to detail, accountability, etc. Unlike the other service academies, the Coast Guard Academy does not require a congressional nomination for admission. Exchange cadets from the other federal service academies are also a part of the Corps, and take part in many activities alongside their USCGA counterparts.[14]. [citation needed]. Admissions: (800) 883-USCG (8724), Careers Each cadet takes two semesters of classes during the school year and then spends the majority of the summer in military training to produce officers of character with the requisite professional skills. nominations are not required or considered. [6] The contract was awarded to Murch Brothers Construction Company of St. Louis and ground was broken on January 1931 by Jean Hamlet, daughter of Rear Admiral Harry G. Hamlet, Academy Superintendent from 1928–1932. As part of their indoctrination into military culture, and to condition them for the frenetic flow of information during a shipboard watch, 4/c cadets are forced to sharpen their attention to detail and to develop an ability to accurately recall seemingly trivial facts from short- and medium-term memory. Captain John Henriques served as superintendent from founding until 1883. The United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) is the service academy of the United States Coast Guard in New London, Connecticut. U. S. Coast Guard Academy, "The Coast Guard Academy in Brief" (2009), "A Historical Chronology", African-Americans in Coast Guard History, U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office. The Coast Guard Academy provides an elite education in an exclusive environment 62% of cadets play on varsity teams. The academy was racially integrated in 1962 at the request of President Kennedy. The School of Instruction was established near New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1876 and used USRC Dobbin for its exercises. Each division is led by a firstie and contains several members of each other class. [12] From this amount, pay is automatically deducted for the cost of uniforms, books, supplies, services, and other miscellaneous expenses. Principal non-athletic activities are musical centered on Leamy Hall. Since the essay is an optional component of the test, students considering United States Coast Guard Academy … All graduating cadets earn commissions as ensigns in the United States Coast Guard, as well as Bachelor of Science degrees. Maritime Studies, LEARN Like all cadets and midshipmen at the United States service academies, Coast Guard cadets are on active duty in the military and wear uniforms at all times. Command positions, both in companies and on Regimental Staff, are highly competitive, and a cadet's overall class rank is often a deciding factor in who is awarded the position. The highest-ranking cadet in each company is the Company Commander, a first-class cadet ("firstie"), equivalent to a senior. Cadets sometimes opt to take elective courses with Connecticut College (adjacent the academy's campus) as part of an open exchange agreement. We seek students of high moral character who bring an established academic, athletic and leadership track record. The academy's motto is Scientiæ cedit mare, which is Latin for "the sea yields to knowledge". Come challenge your mind, test your will, and learn to lead as never before. Cadets are required to adhere to the academy's "Honor Concept," "Who lives here reveres honor, honors duty," which is emblazoned in the halls of the academy's entrance. Maritime Studies, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Operations Research and Computer Analysis, Coast Guard Academy graduate who died in training accident was a kind soul, full of humor and joy, Virtual Admissions Brief with Campus Tour. Admission to the Coast Guard Academy is highly competitive and based on merit. Read More Challenges Unrelenting. and Marine Engineering | Operations Research and Computer Analysis. The academy's Model UN team was started in 2004, and has since been successfully competing around North America, and at the World Model UN Conference.