Both the Presiding Officer and Poll Clerks should be able to carry out each other’s duties if required. Hand Book for Presiding Officers ECI Elections POs Hand Book General … go through the instructions as there is no separate manual for the D.P.E.Os. 0000010636 00000 n Below are the Complete details of Table of Contents of Hand Book of POs released by Election Commission of India. 11 Mar 2019 Hand book for Returning Officer_Document 23 - Edition -1. The Election Code’s Oath of Office is also located on the Statement of Compensation. concerned, and Handbook for Presiding Officers issued by the Election Authority.The Returning Officers' Handbook 2016-2019 (download as pdf) has all the detailed information returning officers need to undertake their role effectively. 0000011318 00000 n 0000003018 00000 n HANDBOOK FOR POLLING AGENT, Feb-2019 Hand book for Returning Officer February 2019 Handbook for Presiding Officers, October 2018. 0000004685 00000 n All Right reserved Chief Electoral Officer Delhi, De-listed registered unrecognized political parties, List Of BLAs Appointed by Recognized Political Parties, Reports and Accounts Statements of State Level Political Parties, List Of Verified CSC For Electoral Services, Digital Draft Maps of Assembly Constituency, Digital Draft Maps of Parliamentary Constituency, Delimitation Commission Approved Map of ACs(70) & PCs(7) of Delhi, Location of Special Camps organised by NSS Unit of DU, List of Star Campaigner Election for Delhi Legislative Assembly, 2020, Handbook for ERO and AERO Certification April - 2018 Vol - I, Handbook for ERO and AERO Certification April - 2018 Vol -II, Handbook for Returning Officers (Updated 2014), Handbook for Counting Agents (Updated 2014), Handbook for Polling Agents (Updated 2014), Handbook for Returning Officers (For Council Elections), Handbook for Presiding Officers (Updated 2014), Handbook for Electoral Registration Officers (Updated 2012), The Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections Act, 1952, Returning Officers (Legislative Assembly Elections), Election Expenditure Monitoring for Officers, PreCertification pf Advertisements of Political Nature on Electronic Media. Handbook for Presiding Officers of polling stations where Electronic Voting Machines are used. 0000076506 00000 n These are: ��� M�q��,�"�/¹b�Y�����#�ҸҪ��h4]�5���8e�j6hөP�t8���j@�@� �_^�D�/��uE�P���Y�9�����!٢~B�'6һu"UF>$��|���w�9�D��x���C��Q�Ix(~�г �0`��45��� 0000010153 00000 n . Presiding Officer Hand Book _ENG_BENG_HINDI. h�bbd```b``�"����:D�g�H���&�A�͟@�q�-������#��%�P�����? h��V{LSW���"�-�ֈ�\Z�e؎*>�VĮ�m��pw�����M�Eg Office 2016 Handbuch (PDF) Deutsch: Mit den kostenlosen Schnellstart-Handbüchern von Microsoft zu Office 2016 finden Sie sich in den neu gestalteten Office-Programmen schneller zurecht. 0000028541 00000 n HANDBOOK FOR. 0000038455 00000 n Informar un problema  |  193 40 6467 0 obj <> endobj CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY Introductory 1.1 As a Presiding officer, you have an important role to play in the conduct of poll. Oath of Election Officer: “I swear (or affirm) that I will not in any manner request or 0000031303 00000 n 0000009142 00000 n 12 Mar 2019 (This document is also 0 . �f�l��*� ⣥Pʒ�����1 &��Yt�e.&3���:�L��N�{�������{{ `e �z^�X���,���AG@%�́ۤ@���p��zqG�XW�L��W��V������!���>���1��/N��w�^Dx%Q�$���?�̇6��iE�dT:@�{�j��h�tp?F�@�n�h�HQ~)k۱����q�������;Z�q8�|�x�@^�@^�@�=xv�o�D���*�O:��l��D�����C�Z�����������d0�1G���p�����^{#��9G��m���E���[T��ͩ�!�o~+�k�,߿�k�q&�gh䅧���I�5�5�[����X�g�?�q����ȿDxe�9*m�P�Eٴ���^����Hf�$���ۛ1���=?���Q���gp�`�9b�d�ۡ�����ok6ظ�$��ͷzn6�c�:��z(~������_��+��Q� �h�,��>sv��nD��Ȍtmׯ���Y�de�����v&]�mJ�{�)N�#nq�c�N��s���!T ������^s�?�NĢI䂕���o%�JPR��)��^�OQ�j%�/�d��M��W|߰UuDW�����G*���]�2�b�%�K�������߽��C��B��8�. Document No. Handbook for ERO and AERO Certification April - 2018 Vol -II Training Module Handbook for Booth Level Officers Handbook for Returning Officers (Updated 2014) Handbook for Counting Agents (Updated 2014) Handbook for Polling Agents (Updated 2014) Handbook for Returning Officers (For Council Elections) Handbook for Presiding Officers (Updated 2014) 0000037404 00000 n However, Presiding Officers have an overall responsibility for the polling station and carry out an additional supervisory role. Transport Management for Transportation of Counting Personnel in connection with General Elections to Lok Sabha 2019.xlsx, Expenditure Monitoring Media presentation 2016.pptx, Expenditure Monitoring PPT for Excise.pptx, Expenditure Monitoring PPT for Police.pptx, Expenditure Monitoring PPT Income Tax.pptx, Compendium of Instructions On Model Code of Conduct.pdf, cVIGIL app of Election Commission of India.mp4, User-Manual-cVIGIL-Citizen-App-Version.1.0-RC3.pdf, Polling Personnel Information And Training, Presiding Officer Hand Book _ENG_BENG_HINDI, Handbook_for_Presiding_Officers_English.pdf, handbook_for_presiding_officer_hindi-29-mar-2019-17-52-59.pdf, 2nd Training for the Polling Personnel.ppt, Plan of Confidence Building Measure Route March by CAPF 16.03.19 to 22.03.19 N24 Parganas.pdf, List of Electoral Register Officer Under North 24 Parganas District.pdf, MEDIA Management_2019 General Elections, 2019.pptx, Different Formats for Expenditure Monitoring, Annexure-B2 EO I on or after 3 day of notification.pdf, Annexure-B5 EO IV and final after 30 days of result.pdf, Annexure-B8 Daily Report of FS on Seizure.pdf, Annexure-B9 Daily Report of FS on MCC.pdf, Annexure-B10 Daily Report of SST on Seizure.pdf, Annexure-B11 Shadow Observation Register.pdf, Annexure-B13 Format for Call Center information.pdf, Annexure-B14 Excise Report on alternate Day.pdf, Annexure-B15 Format for Invegtigation Directorate.pdf, Annexure-C3 DEO's Scrutiny & Summery Report.pdf, Annexure-C6 Seizure REport by CEO on Poll Day.pdf, Annexure-C10 Seizure Report by Police.pdf, Annexure-D Details of Expenditure on Public Meeting, rallies.pdf, Annexure-E1 Election Account Register of Candidate.pdf, Annexure-E2 Abstract Statement of Election Expenses.pdf, Format for appointing Additional agent for Expenditure matte.pdf, REVISED MEDIA Management_2019 General Elections, 2019.pptx, Compendium of Instructions on Election Expenditure Monitorin.pdf, Counting Reports & Post Counting Matters.pptx, Form 26 (Revised as on 10.10.2018 latest).docx, Affidavit Clarification_Not Known_26072017.pdf, Schedule for distribution of PVS_14092018.pdf, Supreme Court's Judgement on Criminal Antecedents & Form 26_10102018.pdf, MIS Reporting including Pre-Poll-Poll Day-Post Poll.pptx, Pick up points for Transportation of PP's to DC on 17-05-2019 and 18-05-2019.xls. trailer <<347FB8AD4C56490DAF02C5B68F6A8570>]/Prev 1164161>> startxref 0 %%EOF 232 0 obj <>stream Hand Book Presiding Officer Bengali.pdf; Handbook_for_Presiding_Officers_English.pdf; handbook_for_presiding_officer_hindi-29-mar-2019-17-52-59.pdf; 2nd Training for the Polling Personnel.ppt; Micro Observers.mp4; Micro Observer_annexure31.pdf; New instructions.pptx; PPT of Micro Observer.pptx %PDF-1.7 %���� 0000005946 00000 n 193 0 obj <> endobj xref A recommended order of business and the ceremonial ritual for the opening and closing of a squadron meeting are outlined on Page 20 of this handbook .