See. Before the Mass -It is customary for the pipes to play for a few minutes outside the church just before the Mass, as the casket or urn is being carried in. That`s why we are always at the end of the phone. In a survey of over 4,000 people, 15% said they would play this humorous ballad at their funeral or the funeral of someone they loved. Cake's blog posts contain affiliate links and we earn commission from purchases made through these links. . ), Home   About    Events    Media    Reviews    Pricing    Contact, “Did an outstanding job at my father’s funeral” - Justin H., Saddle River, NJ, For music suggestions, see Repertoire, Audio, and FAQ’s. allow a little something for everyone based on the personality of the deceased and can help strike a balance for the right “mourning atmosphere.” You’ll be sure to find something on this list that tugs at your heartstrings. Although one of the great Irish love anthems, the song, in time-honoured Percy French fashion, is spiced with more than a glimmer of humour which adds to the exquisite pathos of the song. Bono’s powerful lyrics describe the difficulties of a troubled relationship, most recognised for its chorus: While not a traditional funeral song, it is a song about the difficulties of separation; the loss of the person who means so much to us, and is fast becoming a popular choice for those looking for more contemporary Irish funeral songs. Songs. Here are seven songs to play at Irish funerals. It is thus a song of nostalgia and love, and a likely choice for any Dubliner’s funeral. We’ve put together a list of some of the top ways in which you can honor the Irish roots of your loved one, giving them a send-off to be proud of! Irish, English, and Scottish pipers can add a special touch to a funeral. It makes the perfect threnody for a funeral. The Irish fraternal group the Emerald Society have a special division for bagpipes and drums that play at funerals to honor the deceased, with active or retired firefighters and police officers making up many of the members. Traditional Irish and Scottish songs such as “Danny Boy”, “Tura Lura”, “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”, “Wild Mountain Thyme”, “Loch Lomond”, etc., sound beautiful on the whistle. Danny Boy. "Funeral services are amazingly memorable events for most people. Danny Boy. Whether or not this is in fact true, “Nearer my God to thee” is a haunting piece that has captured the Irish imagination for well over a century. If the family is following behind the casket, the pipes continue to play until everyone is inside the church. The beautiful lyrics and the quiet, haunting melody make it also a popular choice for Irish funerals, a gentle way to say “goodbye” to those being left behind. We are dedicated to providing quality customer service. Home, I'm going home!Nothing lost, all's gain, No more fret nor pain,No more stumbling on the way, No more longing for the day,Going to roam no more! Shane MacGowan and Jem Finer’s composition is, of course, usually associated with Christmas. We’ve put together a list of some of the top ways in which you can honor the Irish roots of your loved one, giving them a send-off to be proud of! This song is known as an Irish lullaby and is also about missing someone that you loved very much. This collection of music is perfect to add to a mother’s funeral. Many people prefer to play only the instrumental version of this song to express the longing of someone that you can no longer have. Also, Scottish bands now use the whistle, so it is no longer considered just an “Irish” instrument. Funeral, “My Way” is an exceptional song because it depicts how a person lived life on his own terms. Continue reading, Discover the best online memorial sites for remembering a loved one... – When all have arrived at the cemetery, the pipes play as everyone walks to the gravesite. Irish bagpipes are often played during funerals if a loved one served in the military, police force, or other service-based position. How awesome is that? Written (probably) by a blind, Catholic Derry fiddler, and later modified by a Protestant Limavady piano teacher, the most famous lyrics of loss and love were composed by an Englishman. A great success. “My mind’s too full of memories, too old to hear new chimes, I’m part of what was Dublin, in the rare ould times.”.