im currently in the process in getting a set and after doing a lot of research for the best price i found this web site that sells the BFG $100 cheaper than anywhere else i looked even tire rack. 115 Posts . Tire Advice: BFG KM2 vs. Firestone Destination MT2. The Firestone Destination X/T is built with light to medium duty in mind. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 10, 2011. My buddy works for bridgestone all over western Canada but mostly in mining and swears that these are just awesome tires. Joined Nov 22, 2014 Messages 101 Nov 25, 2018. BFG KO2 vs KO2 "DT" (2 Viewers) Thread starter bobr1; Start date Nov 25, 2018; Watchers 8 Tags bfgoodrich dt ko2; B. bobr1. Duratracs vs the new firestone destination xt Supposed to compete with the duratracs, bfg all terrains etc and they are snowflake rated. So the destination AT will be split into 2 directions Destination A/T2 and X/T The Firestone Destination A/T2 and Destination X/T tires combined will replace the current Destination A/T tire, and both new tires will be available in August. Local tire guy is selling Firestone Destination A/T's for $650/set in P285/70/17. Re: Firestone Destination AT vs BFG All Terrain T/A KO Jul 23 2012, 8:31pm i would deffinitly go with the BFG. The BFG's have virtually no siping, and as such they perform poorly in the snow in my experience. I know the BFG KM2 is a good quality tire with plenty of good reviews, but I've heard some good things about the new-ish Firestone Destination MT2. Hey everyone, Looking for some advice on a tire purchase. However they are quiet on the road, have great tread life, and are solid off the road. Thread starter #1 Hey guys, So I was planning on getting new tires and have been researching a long time on it. Firestone Destination A/T Tires The Firestone Destination A/T with UNI-T is Firestone's "All Terrain" or AT designed for on road or offroad applications. Residing in Firestone’s all season department, the X/T is a direct competitor of tires such as BFGoodrich KO2s and Goodyear Wranglers. I haven't got any experience with the with the Firestone though. BF Goodrich AT vs. Firestone Destination AT vs. Cooper. Like the WeatherGrip, both of these tires are also Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certified.