List your preferred restaurants, look up their information and keep track of a few menu options you know are best for you and your kidney health goals. Foods that are beneficial for kidney health include dark leafy greens, berries, and apples. Ten participants drank water for 11 days, followed by adopting the Regeneration Diet for the subsequent 11 days. If you are already struggling with these issues, I don’t recommend you look even for foods “okay” for kidney disease. Find important updates here. Read more. Foods to avoid include high-phosphorous foods. But it doesn’t mean sodium is not still a big problem. 3. Look for places where you control your own ingredients like Chipotle, Subway or where you can build your own pizza. Be conservative about your toppings. Remember, corn tortillas are high in phosphorus, so flour tortillas are a better choice for people on the hemodialysis diet. As you order, consider the other foods you … Share your answers with the over 35,500 Friends who have liked the Facebook Fan Page. After RD, it returned to baseline values. Having some cream cheese, which is lower in phosphorus and potassium is acceptable. Go with Papa John’s gluten-free crust for the lowest sodium at 100 milligrams. Keep in mind this information may change as companies change their recipes and ingredients. Ask for a packet of each ketchup and mustard, mayo if they have it, and add it yourself. Testimonials are not representative of typical outcomes. Serving sizes of the foods are essential in this situation. These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. And with kidney disease, it especially is of concern. This includes special, incidental, consequential, or any other kinds of damage or liability. It may be difficult for the quick-service restaurant to omit the salt. Ask for extra lettuce and onions if you like. You should never make treatment decisions on your own without consulting a physician. The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) advises you to drink just enough fluids to keep your urine either light yellow or colorless. The Impossible Whopper clocks in with 630 calories compared to the original Whopper with 660 calories. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. A recent study has sought to explore the effects of an 11-day complete water fasting and regeneration diet on renal function, body weight, blood pressure and oxidative stress. Of course, black coffee is best (and yes, you can have coffee if you have kidney disease). Once you comb the ingredients of the food items, you will have your own menu of no added phosphate foods! Also, skip the whip for even less sugar and saturated fat. Lipid peroxidation (TBARS) decreased and maintained stable after RD. A grilled or broiled chicken sandwich with mustard or mayonnaise, lettuce, onion, and no cheese or breading is also a good option for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients.