If the parent worked during this year but his or her average income was lower than the minimum wage, the benefit is paid at the minimum wage rate, which in 2020 is EUR 584. → If the woman gives birth before she goes on pregnancy and maternity leave, and is more than 28 weeks pregnant, the certificate of maternity leave is issued as of the date of the birth for 140 days. Maternity leave for a new pregnancy during parental leave. If your monthly income is higher than half of the maximum amount (EUR 1774.05 in 2020) of parental benefit, your parental benefit is reduced. This chapter covers all you need to know about claiming parental benefit (vanemahüvitis) in Estonia. If you choose to have children, you may have the right to: Any parent, adoptive parent, step-parent, guardian or foster parent who is raising a child and who is a permanent resident of Estonia or a foreigner living in Estonia on the basis of a temporary residence permit has the right to the parental benefit. The payment of parental benefits can be stopped and resumed according to the parent's wishes at any time until the child reaches three years of age. Income covers all sums paid by employers within a month, including bonuses, holiday pay and others. "The parental benefits system that exists in Estonia is undoubtedly one of the most generous in terms of length and the benefit rate, but it also brings with it long hiatuses in women's careers, nor does it allow parents to sufficiently combine work and leisure time sufficiently.". The benefits are paid based on average wages of the year preceding the adoption. Application for parental benefit, family allowances and additional contributions to the pension system. Parental benefit is paid each month for the preceding calendar month. Name needs to be fewer than 32 characters long, Comment needs to be fewer than 600 characters long, Teoste avaldamine sel lehel on kooskõlastatud EAÜ/NCB-ga. Hea lugeja, näeme et kasutate vanemat brauseri versiooni või vähelevinud brauserit. If the mother is not entitled to maternity benefit, the parental benefit is paid until the child reaches the age of 18 months. endstream endobj startxref Changing the parental leave and Extension of the period during which parental benefit can be claimed: Under the current scheme, one of the parents is entitled to parental leave until the child reaches three years of age, and the first 1.5 years are covered with a parental benefit amounting to … A parent can work or earn income during the period in which they receive the parental benefit. Main page Once designated, the limits on the parental benefit do not change when the calendar year changes. Fathers have the right to receive a total of ten working days of paternal leave within two months before the presumed birth term determined by the physician or midwife and two months after childbirth. %PDF-1.5 %���� Visit us at our regional offices on any working day (please see https://www.sotsiaalkindlustusamet.ee/et/organisatsioon-kontaktid/ska-klienditeenindused). As an exception, more equitable treatment is extended to mothers who only worked in another EU country during the previous calendar year but who worked in Estonia during the year in which the right to the parental benefit arose and who took pregnancy and maternity leave in Estonia. In addition, the amendments will establish benefits for triplets and larger multiple births, spokespeople for the Ministry of Social Affairs said. Further changes to the Estonian parental leave and benefits system will be introduced in 2020, including a “daddy-month” and the option for employees to flex the payment of parental benefit. If a mother has the right to pregnancy and maternity leave or to receive maternity benefits, but does not exercise it, then the benefit is calculated separately for the first 70 days, and is paid within a single calendar month and at a rate not higher than the minimum wage for the first 70 days. Child care leave. Click here to see the full list of updates. For a citizen The right to parental leave (lapsehoolduspuhkus) can be exercised by the mother or the father of the child or the child's actual caregiver until the child reaches three years of age. The maternity benefit (sünnitushüvitis) is paid starting from the first day of exemption from work or service obligations specified on the certificate for incapacity for work and at a rate of 100% of the average income per calendar day. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know. The calculated parental benefit amount is 1,168.56 euros, or 38.95 euros per day. A woman who is on parental leave and wants to take a further period of pregnancy and maternity leave and receive maternity benefit for the new pregnancy and maternity leave must discontinue her parental leave. "The contributions of the father to raising a small child strengthen relations within the family and add a sense of security — that raising the child will not be left only to the mother," Iva said. The certificate for maternity leave is issued by the doctor with whom the woman is registered. | Each year, the mother or father of a child has the right to take child care leave, compensated based on minimum wage. The Estonian government at its Wednesday meeting approved proposals for amendments to the law which would extend paternal benefits as well as make the country's parental leave and benefits system in general more flexible. 117 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<4E1556310D3E824488B89DBF9D86B226>]/Index[94 40]/Info 93 0 R/Length 107/Prev 72293/Root 95 0 R/Size 134/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Helpdesk working hours Mon-Thu 8:30-17:00, Fri 8:30-16:00, answering time is 7 working days. The father of a child has the right to the parental benefit once the child has reached the age of 70 days. Starting from 2022, Maternity and Parental leave will be merged into a single Parental leave and there will be a single parental benefit with non-transferable parts for the mother, for the father, and a shared part. To apply for the parental benefit, an application must be submitted via the State Portal or at a regional bureau of the Social Insurance Board. In addition, for the new system to apply, the entire length of paternity leave must be taken after 1 July 2020. The leave can be taken within 70 days of the entry into force of the court ruling concerning the adoption. %%EOF Adoption benefits are paid for the leave in accordance with the Health Insurance Act. The Estonian National Social Insurance Board has 17 client service offices across Estonia that deal with requests and applications in person, as well as via mail. The amendments will extend paternity leave and grant fathers an additional 30-day individual right to parental benefits, make earning income while receiving parental benefits more flexible as well as enable the suspension and resumption of benefits within three years. The annual income is divided by 12 months, with the number of days on which the parent was absent from work on a doctor’s certificate, a certificate for care leave or pregnancy and maternity leave having previously been subtracted.