This is an affordable starter kit to get novice bakers going in the right direction. While professional bakers use long serrated knives to slice their cakes into even layers, it takes practice to remove a cake top in one even motion by eye alone. This starter kit is an excellent surprise to all those that you love, and they will never have a day to skip thinking about you. 110pc Ultimate Cake Decorating Supplies Kit. Replacements can often be found at grocery stores, as well as craft stores and, of course, cake and baking supply stores and online. You can make those yourself with ease with this stencil kit. The three cake pans measure four, seven, and nine inches, which is perfect for making tiered cakes. Some larger pieces included in kits may be machine-washable, but most of the smaller pieces should be washed by hand to avoid damage or getting lost in the dishwasher. The center has a space with six built-in flower nail grips that hold nails upright for easy one-handed use. Some of the essential components include; 11 Inch Turntable, 48 Numbered & Easy to Use Icing tips, 3 Russian piping tips, 11 Inch Straight & Angled Spatula, 1 Cake Leveler, Pattern Chart showing the outcome of each tip, E.BOOK User Guide for beginners, 3 Cake Scrapers, 2 coupler, 1 Heart chocolate mold, 1 pastry bag, 50 disposable icing bags, 1 decorating pen, 1 flower nail, 1 flower lift, and a cleaning brush. A top-performing stand mixer will make baking a lot easier, plus it'll improve the taste and texture of your results. Wilton is a well know and trusted name in the cake decorating and baking industry. Also included is an e-book with decorating inspirations and tips for beginners. Since the kit features tools designed from quality materials, be assured of durability and healthy cakes for your family. The guide that comes with this kit is not very informative, and the pictures are small. Brands like Ateco and Wilton provide a wider range of larger and more custom tools for decorating. Riki’s Kingdom Kids Real Baking Set with Recipes, Best Kit: The items are all easy to use. All steel materials are made of grade 304 stainless steel and are BPA-free. If the kits you are looking at don’t have the items listed above, you can look for kits that do or you can purchase the additional pieces separately to give yourself a complete kit. The 188-piece Cake Decorating Set supplies you with everything you’d need for your first few projects except the cake itself. Simply attach one of the five decorating tips and fill the plunger with icing or filling of your choice for no-fuss decorating. Also included is a revolving turntable, which will make cake decorating much smoother and faster. With a 9-inch angled spatula, three standard couplers, one decorating brush, 12 16-inch disposable decorating bags, 12 12-inch disposable decorating bags, 10 decorating tips (Round 2A, 3, 5, 12; Star 1M, 16, 21, 32; Drop Flower 2D; and Specialty Cake Icer Tip 789), along with a recipe for buttercream icing, there’s a lot to look forward to in this kit! There are small bakeries that are functioning based on this very piece of utility. The first thing that you notice about the product is the sheer plethora of red. review process here. Exclusively sold online, VORCAY offers a massive selection of tools for an incredibly low price. VORCAY Cake Decorating Supplies Kit for Beginner, 188 pieces, The Ultimate Cake Decorating Tools Buying Guide, The 7 Best Online Cake Decorating Classes of 2020, Kootek All-In-One Cake Decorating Kit Review, The 7 Best Online Cookie Decorating Classes of 2020, Wilton Dessert Decorator Plus Cake Decorating Tool Review, Kootek 42-Piece Cake Decorating Kit Review, How to Decorate a Celebration-Worthy Cake, The 15 Best Gifts for Bakers to Buy in 2020, The 13 Best Gifts for Cooks in 2020, According to Professional Chefs, The 7 Best Baking Subscription Boxes of 2020, The Ultimate Guide to 18 Essential Baking Tools, Your Step-By-Step Guide on Decorating Christmas Cookies. ", The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. This kit includes a cake turntable, 3 round cake pans, silicone molds, icing tips, pastry bags, scrapers, a cake knife, a cake board, a chocolate mold, spatulas, whisks, and more. While you’re here, check out some of our other baking accessories and other accessories! The set comes with many pieces, and these allow you to make different designs on your cake. One of the kits we’ve featured, the Ultimate Cake Decorating Kit by Wilton, is a HUGE cake decorating kit with 177 pieces that gives you everything you could possibly need to not only decorate cakes but do it professionally if that is your goal. When using fondant you’ll roll it out and lay it over your buttercream-coated cake. This set gives the home cake decorator access to the tools of the professional. Rolling mats have cake measurements to easily judge the appropriate amount of frosting, with less sticking than rolling directly on a counter with a wooden rolling pin (although cornstarch or confectioner’s sugar is still recommended to reduce tackiness). The best airbrush cake decorating kit can make the job easy for you too. Whichever you choose, remember that the foundation for decorating cakes properly starts with a quality cake decorating kit. If you are looking for something that will help you out in the house, go with the multiple other variants that are there on this list. But there are so many other times when love to have it. With the best cake decorating kit for beginners, you should be able to execute simple to fantastical designs for any occasion. You can try sugar sheets. The 7 Best Cake Decorating Kits For Beginners, The 7 Best Cake-Decorating Kits For Instagrammable Cakes, How To Use Sugar Sheets For Cake Decorating: 5 Cool Cake Tricks, The 7 Best Adjustable Measuring Cups For Baking, How To Make Ballerina Cupcake Toppers For Your Kid’s Party. Some chefs use cake decorating kits to plate up regular foods in a special way such as piping out mashed potatoes into little rosettes on the top of a Shepherd’s Pie and other fun decorating tactics to make food look as good as it tastes. Decorating a cake is much easier when you're able to rotate it on its cake stand ― frosting application is faster, plus the cake itself (versus you) does the moving as you add details or extra decorations around the exterior. The tools come high-quality materials hence an excellent value for money. The flat base also secures your cake from falling when decorating. Mar 31, 2019 fourseasons Getty Images. A cake leveler looks a little bit like an archer’s bow or a large cheese wire, with a metal C-shaped handle that holds a cutting wire in tension. ", "This set gives the home cake decorator access to the tools of the professional. Regardless of who you are, an expert chef or a newcomer to the kitchen, you need to have a certain space to operate. The all in one set includes; the Nonslip Rotating Turntable Stand for smooth operations, 48 Piping Tips,5 Russian tips, Smoother, Cake Pen, Cleaning Brush, Cake Cutter, Piping Bags, 2x Tip Coupler, Flower Lifter, 2x Flower Nails, 2x Spatula, 3x Cake Scrapers,2x Silicone Piping Bags,25x Disposable Pastry Bags, and Icing Design Chart.