She has over 15 years experience in consumer magazines, having held the positions of Grooming Editor at British GQ and FHM. From Comme Des Garcons' green oriental fragrance to an updated new version of Dior Homme, here are the best new men's fragrances for 2020. Rich and enveloping, Cartier’s latest Parfum exudes luxury. We've been treated to several versions throughout the years, but the latest 2020 looks to be the best yet. For Seventies and Eighties kids, violet will always be synonymous with Swizzles Matlow Parma Violets – tiny purple penny sweets with a distinctive taste of perfumed sugar, and not much else. Rich Pimento takes the wearer on a journey inspired by the verdant landscapes in Cuba. Gucci Guilty is the anti-conformist, hedonistic, and extravagant fragrance that every bad-boy has been waiting for. If there is one thing we have learned over the last few months, is that while our options for socialising might have been limited, putting on a scent purely for our own enjoyment can help us feel better in all sorts of ways. Shop our picks for the best men’s cologne for 2020. 51 Best Men’s Colognes in 2020 Gucci Guilty For Men. Smart retailers like the Perfume Shop are giving consumers more confidence by offering a free sample of the same scent with most purchases (you can return the unopened bottle), whereas some of the bigger retailers are left playing catch up. And it’s reassuring to know that even when our horizons have temporarily shrunk, we can always escape in a good bottle of scent. Molton Brown has gone to town with its new scent collection, which features 27 individual fragrances put together by a collective of 10 perfumers and packaged beautifully by Vincent Villeger in weighty flacons with gemstone-style resin caps. Making samples more accessible is something hopes to offer when they launch later this year, offering testers of the very best, lesser-known niche fragrances to trial at home. You won’t be able to stop spritzing the best new fragrances all summer long. The 20 Best Fragrances for Men From citrusy colognes to just-in-from-sailing aquatics and dark, esoteric blends, a scent to suit every man in your life. Best men’s fragrances and colognes 2020: long lasting scent for the discerning gent. Fragrance Family: Citrus For Fans Of: Acqua Di Parma Yuzu, L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme, Penhaligon’s Eau de Verveine RRP: £104 for 100ml. More: The 7 Fragrance Mistakes Men Make … Online shopping might have grown exponentially over the last decade, but when it comes to purchasing a new scent, it’s hard to replace the physical experience. The call of the sea is strong for many and this marine-inspired composition evokes a salty shoreline of windswept cypress, jasmine and bergamot with a smoky undertone of musk and leather – like the embers of a campfire in an emerald cove. Aside from the headline orange flower, it contains pink pepper, jasmine water, white musks and ambrette seeds and has the sheer transparency of lush blooms. The Best New Summer 2020 Fragrances. Blind buying a fragrance … After all, good fragrances aren’t cheap and if you’re stumping up the cash for a novel scent you want to be sure you’re going to be more than satisfied with your purchase. Gold and black is a ritzy combination; add the skyscraper style and it wouldn’t look out of place in Drake’s bedazzling bathroom. A solid flacon holds an intense accord of sandalwood and patchouli over an amber base of labdanum, benzoin and tonka bean. Best Men’s Fragrances and Colognes (Plus, How to Choose the Right Scent for You) Everything you need to know about picking the right smell for your style and personality. Juniper, Angelica and carrot seed make the top notes, and powdery iris is a very distinctive signature with strong hints of pencil shavings from the cedar wood in the base. She also writes for MR PORTER, MATCHESFASHION, FashionBeans, British Airways and wellness magazine, BALANCE. It would be a shame and a waste to chuck out the stunning bottle at the end, so don’t. The Best (Smelling) New Men’s Fragrances For Summer. Iridium is a silvery-white metal from the platinum group, which gives us the concept behind Tom Daxon’s striking scent. By Lauren Hubbard and April Long In addition, and carry testers from the likes of Creed, Bottega Veneta, Byredo, Bentley, Hermès, Frederic Malle and more, but it can take a while for new releases to trickle down. Input your search keywords and press Enter. Here’s our edit of the best new launches to buy now. Fragrance Family: Citrus/Floral For Fans Of: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino RRP: £148 for 50ml EDP. The lockdown challenge was simply to get samples into customers hands. If you’ve ever travelled in the Asia-Pacific region, it will surely trigger happy memories. In the promotional blurb for Deep Viola, there’s a quote from Hamlet that refers to violets as the ‘primary youth of nature’. It's woody and warm as you'd expect a male fragrance to be, but it also has a … Knowing your preferred fragrance family (floral, citrus, woody, aromatic, fougére, oriental) can help you make a more intelligent purchase, and the recent launch of a new database, Wikiparfum (, aims to help fragrance lovers search by favourite scent, brand or raw material, for an objective (non-gender based) selection of possible matches. It would suit any out and proud Casanova or pleasure-seeker. This bright citrus takes inspiration from the Japanese yuzu fruit. Clémentine California is as sunny as the name suggests, with the aforementioned juicy citrus paired with Italian mandarin, juniper, basil, vetiver and sandalwood. Fragrance Family: Oriental For Fans Of: Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black Extra, Armani Bois D’Encens RRP: £55 for 50ml EDT. It’s a fresh, sweet and addictive combination. This standalone scent retains the DNA of the EDT, but it is warmer and woodier with a boozy sweetness, and it will smell even more wonderful as we edge into autumn. A repeat purchase of an old faithful is a safe bet, but what if you fancy the thrill of experimentation? The heavy violet opener might be fleetingly reminiscent of something your Granny wore, but the leathery dry down suggests a mysterious nights in far flung places and a solid scent for evenings. This opens with the perfectly balanced, not-too sweet or sour fruit, moves into heart notes of earthy Clary sage and reveals resinous fir balsam in the dry down. This version – created by Carla and Jacques Chabert and based on the original – contains 71% fragrance oil, the maximum concentration of fragrance oil that’s permissible by regulation (read: added oomph). Carla Chabert is the creative behind our seasonal pick, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel. A refill of the EDP will set you back £75, from participating stores. Created by perfumer Francois Demachy, the new Dior Homme redefines masculine sensuality. Scent Families: A Guide To Men’s Fragrance Types, Lather Up: The Best Men’s Shower Gels & Body Washes For Every Budget, How To Pick The Right Beard For Your Face Shape, What Lies Beneath: How To Safely Shave ‘Down There’, Helping Hands: The Best Hand Sanitizers, Creams And Cleansers. Perfumer Celine Roux refers to it as the ‘Blossom Boy’ for its masculine stance in the Blossoms Collection. Saffron, angelica seeds and bergamot are underpinned by creamy orris and agarwood (oud) with spicy incense and vanilla.