Innovation, when coupled with a thoughtful approach, is a killer combination. Spotify encouraged users to share their data across social media, thus in turn helping to create a mass of user-generated content that got people talking about music and Spotify. We quickly and accurately deliver serious information around the world. The Best Credit Cards Of 2020. Tools and Technology to Train Your Employees in Remote Work-Culture. For the first time ever, Facebook aired a commercial during the Super Bowl. This is a campaign that actually started back in 2017 when Spotify shared year-end data with its customers. People shared emotions of joy, sorrow, and nostalgia through their 10-second videos. And in this blog series, where we cover 10 most intriguing, stir up our emotions and influence our buying decisions. They introduced the concept of a global scavenger car hunt, where the winner would receive their all-new Passat Alltrack. The company opted for minimalist design and reaped rich dividends. In addition to being able to physically hunt for the vehicle, customers were also encouraged to deduce clues about the location from the commercials as well as other hints strategically placed throughout their social media channels. The median SaaS blog generates 16,969 monthly pageviews and 80% of all blog traffic is generated by just 16% of blogs. What really struck a chord with people was the fact that the campaign was launched to promote inclusivity among all genders, specifically focusing on gender-diverse and transgender youth who feel marginalized. 2020 unravelled some innovative and socially driven campaigns that can inspire marketers from all around the world. Webmasters can also bank on minimalist design and avoid complex layouts for better results. The organization received more than 10 lakh DMs in 10 days. They received tremendous response from the audience and helped them propel their brand awareness campaign. The campaign, called “The No Show Room,” featured breathtaking shots of the vehicle in the snowy terrain and dropped hints about its location through commercials showing members of Sweden’s national ski team trekking through the wilderness around the car’s hiding spot. Proceeds from each event are donated to local causes and charities. This campaign is a great example for brands on how to grab customer attention. As well as regular users at home connecting with the campaign, celebrities and sports stars joined in, too. Revisiting March 2020: What Were Epidemiologists Thinking about Masks? The campaign had the essence of responsibility, asking consumers to adapt to the new normal safely. Also, to help you generate more leads (and manage them) via your social media marketing campaign, it helps to use an all-in-one marketing suite, so you can generate leads, track them and nurture them. It was an assertive move that, though it provoked a storm of controversy among some sectors of society, reaffirmed their values. Lists YouTube Marketing The Best YouTube Marketing Campaigns of 2020 So Far Vidooly Team Vidoolydotcom/ 5 months ago The COVID-19 pandemic has provided some tough challenges to YouTube content creators and marketers in 2020. Anyone who did so would be sent a six-pack. The takeaway for brands from Facebook’s Super Bowl campaign is that advertising in new places or on new platforms can help your business reach a wider audience. Procter & Gamble is the huge corporation behind many household brands, from Pampers and Gillette to Head & Shoulders and Tide. And in this blog series, where we cover 10 most intriguing marketing campaigns of 2020. They stressed on wearing face masks and requested visitors to maintain social distancing. that addresses your audience at the right time. This campaign is a great example of interactive content. So not only was this an eye-catching campaign to promote the removal of artificial preservatives from their menu, it also worked to deposition Burger King’s rivals. It's a life lesson to stay positive always and a marketing lesson to showcase the brighter side of life. What should I add to my list? It was a short-video, open-to-all idea that received an overwhelming response from users and brands. When a list of some of the most unhappiest countries in the world came out, Coca Cola decided to sprinkle a shower of happiness through their Half-Full campaign. We could all use a reset. The best thing? People connect with relatives, friends, strangers, and brands on Facebook. We continue to unravel more intriguing strategies that can inspire marketers to formulate killer marketing campaigns. 1. Anuja Lath 10 minutes ago. Best Marketing Campaigns of 2020 - Part 2, Tools and Technology to Train Your Employees in Remote Work-Culture. The campaign was a massive success. Romania was the center of attraction, and this marketing campaign outshined the rising negativity in the country. Aegean, the Greek Airline company, did so in their email marketing campaign for their 20th anniversary. Procter & Gamble had the vision to leverage two really important trends: When you put them together, you can’t help but win and make more sales. BUT Amazon really nailed it with this mailer. Instead of characterizing women as wives, and ultimately aiming to sell Budweiser to their husbands, this campaign instead focuses on the storylines of women. They received tremendous response from the audience and helped them propel their brand awareness campaign. Charmin might just be a humble ol’ toilet paper company, and you might be wondering how on earth a toilet paper company can manage to position themselves as “the sassiest brand on Twitter” according to Time Magazine. They covered various emotions, used popular playlists songs, and got a laugh out of it. The catch was that Volkswagen’s take on the scavenger hunt involved hiding one of their Passat Alltracks in a “showroom” deep within the snowy north of Sweden. Why use a unique hashtag? 4. It was a short-video, open-to-all idea that received an overwhelming response from users and brands. To write Guest Blogs for RedAlkemi. Volkswagen, through its commercial called “The No Show Room,” attracted several eyeballs all around the world. Facebook is the undisputed king of marketing. 5. But by extending their brand from mere alcohol to something we all love and find adorable, Bitter Pops gained a whole new audience and made new connections, while at the same time forming a vibrant online community. This year, Burger King announced that they had removed artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors from their Whopper. In this way, they’re able to build anticipation. Your email address will not be published. Indeed, it was 2019’s third most downloaded app. Of all the campaigns discussed above, this one from Spotify was indeed unexpected. If you don’t plan, execute and measure your campaign strategically, you can waste a lot of time, and sometimes money. But by doing what they did, Starbucks made it a brighter place for some. You need to be proactive in devising a marketing campaign. It was first introduced in 1978, way before social media. We believe these are the real commentators of the future. Marketers can take inspiration from these marketing campaign ideas to craft better campaigns in 2021. This ad is also a great example of targeting. to contribute to our Guest Blogs section. Here are the top 5 marketing campaigns of 2020. Coca-Cola urged people to share positive stories and overlook the negative aspects. Also, because Spotify created summaries for their artists as well, they were able to leverage bands who have millions of followers on social media to spread the word even more. You also don’t have to get involved with social issues if you don’t think it will benefit your business. All you need is to understand your brand and your target audience, as well as add a dose of humor and wit now and then to your social media campaigns. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So this commercial was a great way to renew interest in their platform and highlight features that may not have been as popular when more people were using the network. Marketers can take inspiration from these marketing campaign ideas to craft better campaigns in 2021. And in this blog series, where we cover 10 most intriguing marketing campaigns of 2020.. Impactful marketing strategies stir up our emotions and influence our buying decisions. 21 of the Best CMOs to Follow on LinkedIn (If You Want to Grow Your Marketing Career), 5 Storytelling Secrets From Andy Raskin (aka The Guy Top B2B Brands Call When They Need Help With Positioning), The Best Marketing Campaigns Inspiring Our Team This Month, Pandora’s interactive audio landscape and quiz. But time waits for no man (or woman, or human). Burger King’s ad was morbidly eye-catching and increased discussion around their brand, ultimately amplifying their announcement that they removed artificial preservatives from their products. Considering 74.5% of Americans admit to using their phone while on the toilet, it’s no surprise that this campaign gathered the brand a huge pool of engagement. Required fields are marked *. If you can join forces with a relevant influencer (or even an up and coming platform), your next social media campaign could take off into the stratosphere. US Economy Under Biden: Keynesian and Interventionist Policies Won't Take America to the Next Level, Entering the Labor Market in a Recession: Some Findings and Advice, The Prospects for Emerging and Frontier Markets in the Post-Covid Environment, President Donald Trump Fires Defence Secretary Mark Esper & Appoints Christopher Miller, Bertrand Russell: Thoughts on Politics, Passion, and Skepticism. 2021 is coming whether we like it or not. When looking to improve your brand image, identifying where you have fallen short in the past is a pathway to reinvention. If you blog about or publish content in this space, contribute to the RedAlkemi blog today! However, the marketing brains behind the idea ensured that it works for their benefit too. Promoting messages that aim to help and protect our society is not only the right thing to do but can also cause customers to look favorably at your brand.