Posted by 1 year ago. 111. Close. <3. It's a bit confusing, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Archived. ############# My PC Parts ########### CPU Ryzen 1600 Msi x370 Gaming Corsair LPX 3000MHz Seagate Barracuda 3TB Samsung Evo EVGA RTX 2070 NZXT H510 EVGA 650W G3 1 Alienware AW3420DW 2 GIGABYTE G27QC 27 port cable This channel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Dividing everything by two will still work if it's too much. 100% Efficient Steel Beams and Weapons Production. Another Edit: Here is the new thread! 2 x Iron Mine. Anno 1800. 4 x Weapon Factory. 4 Charcoal Kilns @ 0:30 produce 24 @ 3:00, Both of these inputs go to 4 Furnaces @ 0:30 which produce 24 steel @ 3:00, 16 of steel goes to 4 Steelworks @ 0:45 which produce 16 beams @ 3:00, 8 of steel goes to 4 Weapon Factories @ 1:30 which produce 8 cannons @ 3:00, Steelworks: 200 workers per one, 800 total. Anno 1800 Layout 5 tiers. Posted by 1 year ago. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... Optimized City & Production Layouts. A subreddit dedicated the video game series Anno. Everything is 100% utilized, just found this sweet spot and thought I'd share it. Close. When those power hungry investor and engineers come knocking on your door demanding electricity, you need to provide it. Note: check building layouts page to find instructions and guidance about how to create and post new layouts. You might want to iron out some of the errors in your reply. Press J to jump to the feed. Having efficient production layouts is important because it allows you to maximize the producing capacity of the space available to you. Posted by 1 year ago. 100% Efficient Steel Beams and Weapons Production. 4 x Furnace. Basically, you don't need to worry about beams or weapons anymore throughout the game. The most recent entry Anno 1800 was released on April 16th, 2019. They make the transportation of goods fast and use up as little space as possible. Anno 1800: Artisans’ Buildings Then do not fret my dear freind, for I posess the solution for all that ails you: This very guide. Layout. Hey, you might want to check out this so you don't have to do the math again ;), Just one thing: isn't it weird that it the Furnaces literally have in their building written Steelworks? Anno 1800 Tutorial ~ The New World ~ Obero's | Anno 1800 Tutorials said this on January 31, 2020 at 2:37 pm | Reply […] producing these four products in bulk, I choose pick up a few things from Nate in Cape Trelawney, to ease the intense demands of a strategic buildup of the bulk production … 1 A Note on Production Chain Diagrams 2 Overview of the Production Chains 3 The Old World 3.1 Farmers 3.1.1 Timber 3.1.2 Fish 3.1.3 Schnapps 3.1.4 Work Clothes 3.2 Workers 3.2.1 Bricks 3.2.2 Sausages 3.2.3 Bread 3.2.4 Sails 3.2.5 Steel Beams 3.2.6 Soap 3.2.7 Weapons 3.2.8 Beer 3.3 Artisans 3.3.1 Windows 3.3.2 Canned Food 3.3.3 Sewing Machines 3.3.4 Fur Coats 3.4 Engineers 3.4.1 … 2 Iron Mines @ 0:15 produce 24 @ 3:00. 17. Also, I present a workaround in case you have missing oil spring on your main starting island! Home > Guides > Anno 1800 – Production Layouts and Optimized City Optimal City Layout Old World Now this layout is designed to wor up to tier 3, so in the beginning there are obviously gonna be some gaps. SETUP. Wouldn't just half of all be the basic setup? Anno 1800 Production Layout Compendium. They make the transportation of goods fast and use up as little space as possible. In here you will not only learn how to construct your cities beautifully and ellegantly, but also how to arrange your productions efficiently and easily. Close. 4 Charcoal Kilns @ 0:30 produce 24 @ 3:00. Anno 1800 - Production Layouts and Optimized City - Naguide April 2019 Optimal City Layout Old World Now this layout is designed to wor up to tier 3, so in the beginning there are … 4 x Charcoal Kiln. Here`s my attempt for a city layout. Most buildings you construct will form part of a chain that inputs raw materials and outputs an item that your city’s populace needs. 67. In our Anno 1800 City and Buildings Layouts Guide, we’ve outlined some of the best and optimized layouts for city and building productions. From the guy that prought you optimized layouts for Anno 1404: Are you sick of not knowing how to place your buildings, having your population riot due to a lack of access to their much desired locations Archived. The wheat fields and the flour processing units allow for a decent bread-production layout … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That said it is a huge amount of steal that you will produce. For the most part, the production of resources in Anno 1800 is fairly straightforward and works like you might expect. It takes 45 seconds to produce 1 ton of steel beams from 1 ton of steel so the production rate is 1,333 tons of steel beams per minute. Heya! :D And also - 100% efficiency with 0% resource wastage, meaning - what to build so you produce at least 1 of your final product per minute. Building layouts give examples of efficient ways of building cities and production districts. - Well, it's a name, feel free to Ctrl+F your way around 100% Efficiency per minute: PICTURES! ***EDIT: Now that the game is out, I'm going to refocus on these, optimize them (with fire safety in mind lol) and present them all in an updated batch.