unattended at any time. These tips will help to offset some of the main Mexico City dangers.

Never go someplace, nor board a vehicle (car, taxi, metro etc.) Uber successfully takes the stress off navigating public transport. cancun mexico crime index, cancun crime, criminality in cancun, drugs, robbery. The cheapest type of taxi is Libre cabs. Nature can be DANGEROUS in Mexico City. Violent crime committed against visitors is rare in Mexico. In rush hour (or when it’s raining) we’d recommend NOT using it since it will be packed. Most good quality hotels today offer in-room safety deposit boxes which you can use to store your valuable documentation, or a safety deposit box at the front desk. A bit. It just means you have to be smart when you visit. They can be violent. Reports of injury and death have been reported by foreign consulates whose nationals have partaken in extreme sports using operators that did not meet good quality or safety standards. This costs you nothing extra and helps us keep the site going.

On top of that, it’s affordable and sturdy. Well, safe-ish…. With SCUBA Diving, ensure that the firm your are dealing with is fully qualified, certified, established, and has a good reputation locally. So, yes. They run ALL the time.

The main point, whichever you choose to travel on, is to keep your belongings close. During the day there are bike lanes and yoga classes galore in Condesa. Again these get very busy and pickpockets DO linger. This place will cause you so much stress and confusion when it comes to driving… You just won’t enjoy it. Or you could just get an Uber…. Mexico City is seen as a super unsafe place. But here’s also where you’ll find the most police dedicated to tourists. Opt for an infinity scarf with a hidden zipper pocket. We mean, who in their right mind would want to travel to a city where there’s a load of pickpockets making their rounds on the public transport, where the murder rate is one of the WORST in the world, and where an earthquake (or hurricane) could hit at any moment, devastate the city, and leave you stranded, injured or worse? Close.

Mexico comes pretty low on the 2018 Global Peace Index: 140 out of 163. But like we’ve already discussed it’s not exactly the safest place in the world. It’s cheap to use and there are LOADS available. Condesa boasts a children’s hospital. Mexico City is definitely an interesting place to visit but is Mexico City dangerous really? The city center of the Mexican capital is an amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site, complete with a cathedral, palace and the largest square in the Americas – the Zocalo. You’re going to be able to tuck into rice, refried beans, tortillas, and tacos at any time of day pretty much.

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A money belt would be a smart move. It may come as no surprise that taxis in Mexico City don’t have a reputation for safety. Never leave bank cards out of your sight. After all, this is the country that inspired the traveler lingo Montezuma’s Revenge. The doctors will be well trained, of course. PortuguêsCrime no México The crowds in the Centro Historico can be pretty overwhelming, so base yourself in Condesa, Roma, or Coyoacan – cool areas with nice spaces to run around in! They’re pretty weird contraptions sometimes. Mexico has an extensive and well-developed road network and traveling by road in Mexico is generally safe. The Centro Medico ABC (private hospital) provides world-class healthcare and has been up and running for a whopping 128 years! Quiero un taco/una cerveza. Amazing. Wandering around looking lost is bound to. Have fun in Mexico City, but take it from us, overseas medical care and canceled flights can be seriously expensive – insurance can, therefore, be a life-saver. Basically, there’s a TON of stuff to get involved with – starting with street vendors selling tasty churros, of course. Condesa is in the south of the city and is a little self-contained town with lots of bars, cafes, clubs, restaurants. This is a good way to get yourself into a BAD TAXI. How dangerous is Mexico City for lone women? And a lack of it in terms of food preparation. Healthcare in Mexico City is really good. There have been reports of some scams aimed at foreigners; we’ve detailed these below. And have you thought about getting Travel Insurance for your trip? This thing truly is is the money belt for people who don’t want to wear a money belt. See the complete guide to Traveling by Taxi Mexico for full details. We have used World Nomads for years now and I have personally made several claims. Be extra vigilant when you are traveling with a briefcase or consider using instead a satchel or other bag that is less obviously a “business accessory.”. when you use the restroom. A money belt is pretty much a no-brainer – we recommended the Active Roots Security Belt and you MAY want to think about that. This helps prevent getting robbed. ¿Dónde está el baño? Backup data: Backup your important data online (best) or at least keep it on a separate disc/chip left away from your belongings. This type of violence tends to be concentrated in specific areas while some regions remain virtually unaffected. The weather’s good too, and the whole area is rich with history. So in Mexico City, you should most definitely NOT hail a cab off the street. It’s pretty international too; you hear a lot of languages being spoken. Tourists might have concerns because of the scary crime stats, not backpackers, so you’ll meet some like-minded travelers, too. And they’re the ones you should AVOID. Cash machines (ATMs): avoid withdrawing cash from ATMs at night; be vigilant when you are withdrawing cash; use ATMs in well-populated areas or inside shopping malls.

Don’t carry your passport on your person when you’re visiting or touring unless you have specific reason for doing so, e.g.

Plus it happens in certain neighborhoods of Mexico City that you probably won’t be visiting. The only saving grace about this is that (for tourists) you should be all right. So Mexico City security is taken very seriously.

You’ll be fine. Leave excess cash credit/debit cards you don’t expect to need at the hotel. Most importantly: being aware of your surroundings. Most of the violence currently happening in Mexico is concentrated in small areas of the country. Active outdoor activities including ‘extreme sports’ are becoming popular travel experiences. Knowing all of this shouldn’t just scare you off going to Mexico City. Home » North America » Mexico » Mexico City. If you love your food, you’re really going to love eating your way around the capital! This city can definitely be overwhelming especially if you’re by yourself. That’s just how it is. Do your own research. Yes, it’s safe to visit Mexico City. The hop-on, hop-off buses can save tired legs and mean you still get to see all the sights of the city, too. Some pharmacies MAY even have a doctor on site who you can get a consultation from inexpensively. You won’t be used to the natural bacteria that are here. The public hospitals aren’t as good as private hospitals, but you should be fine going public. For the most up-to-date safety information and what you should be doing to help, please consult the WHO and your local government. Below are some useful Spanish phrases for backpacking Mexico. So like we were saying, gang-related violence has been on the rise in Mexico City recently. The average homicide rate in April 2018 was 3.1 per day.

Here are some key tips to keep your money and valuables safe in Mexico: Withdrawing cash: Use ATMs in daylight hours and choose ATMs located in areas where there are plenty of other people around, or use ATMs situated inside shopping malls. We mentioned the food, right? So make sure you have enough money for treatment up front. And to help you travel smart, we have lots of general safety notes, but we’re also sharing our top safety tips for traveling to Mexico City so you can make the most of this cool city. Works every time. Our data for each country are based on all entries from all cities in that country.

out of sight and well secured, especially during rush-hour when these transport systems are most crowded. The majority of visits to Mexico pass-by trouble-free and the violence brought about by the ongoing drug-cartels has left tourists, foreign business visitors and foreign residents largely unaffected. If your card has a “chip and pin” ask waiters at bars and restaurants to bring the payment terminal to your table and cover your hand as you enter your PIN. EspañolCriminalidad en Mexico, Copyright © 2009-2020 Numbeo. If you are out at busy bar or night clubs, always keep your beverage with you—leave it with a trusted friend if you have to leave it unattended e.g. So, is Mexico city safe for tourists?

Computers and smart phones are particularly interesting to opportunist thieves as they are easy to port and very easy to sell-on. Since there are a few areas that you shouldn’t be walking around anyway, so you’re likely to avoid serious crime. Bank-card cloning / skimming: bank card (Debit or Credit Cards) cloning (or skimming) is an issue in Mexico. See Also: Traveling by Bus in Mexico. They run till 11:30pm. All of the public transport in Mexico city is safe – to varying degrees. Money transfer scams: Foreign residents and some tourists might get encouraged to transfer funds to Mexican or foreign bank accounts to fund “investment opportunities”. Read our full review of the GRAYL GEOPRESS! That’s a really good way to put a big dampener on your Mexico City travel plans. These are often sketchy. We know… It might not exactly SEEM safe to visit Mexico City as a solo female traveler, but actually, it’s a SUPER cool place to explore. These data are based on perceptions of visitors of this website in the past 3 years.