Botley: Rhonda Robot, she's won the Miss Silicon Chip Contest three years running. But I just thought you might be interested to knowing that I planted a mission clue in there. Listen, I need your help and if you think you can handle it, you can help me save the world. Two things you should know about robots. The tides came in, cleaned the whole thing out. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Ms. Winkle: People once thought the earth was the center of the universe and everything revolved around it. Oh, and by the way, you have to get in the house first, and I changed the locks. The oldest, largest and most accurate video game database covering over 280 platforms from 1950 to date! (At this point, Professor Spark enters the room and glares at Polly), Polly: I know my father said I was never ever under any circumstances to play with his time machine. I guess that's what nurses give their patients. Botley: Bingo, there's Verna Vend-Bot the Robot Vending Machine. Ms. Winkle: Screeching more like it, Polly. Over there's a button that will take you out of any room in the mountain. Everyone would have to listen to me. See? I think it was a rival inventor. That's because when they looked up in the sky, the sun and the stars all appeared to be moving around the earth, a nice idea. Botley: Vasco da Robot is one of my closest friends! ~It's a nice idea, Polly, to think of ancient people with computers. Click on me to get us started!~. Well, maybe a paper airplane. Botley: Bubble-Bot's an extremely elaborate robot that the Professor designed to walk and chew gum at the same time. People guessed it was round for many years before Magellan's ships sailed around the entire planet and proved it for sure once and for all.~. JumpStart 1st Grade Readers: Just in Time! ~Fasten your seat belt and click on me when you're ready to go.~, ~Ready for another ride? A world beyond people's wildest imagination. Botley: History?! Botley: This is the most dangerous part of the mountain. It basically runs with batteries but these aren't like the batteries on your flashlight at home! Five on each of the five discs I've passed out to you and the rest of the class. Scuba gear was invented so that people can breathe while swan diving off high diving boards. Polly's reprogrammed him I'm sure of it! I remember just two weeks ago... Polly: Be quiet, Plotley, this is my story! Anything to stop your whining! Botley: Don't worry, we might have a chance. Polly: Well, Boobley, I sent Hank the Robot Repairman to fix things once and for all. Obviously, there were no TV repairman back then. (So people could get candy out of vending machines). Polly: Talk about a broken record, Boiley. Everyone's impressed by the professor. Just kidding! "What was the world's first man-made paper used for? Oh, I've got it. This mission is too important. This game has unused music. There are three different floors, which can be accessed via stairs or a tram. Hold on tight! "What makes radium glow? In the middle of the belt is the Inventory that's where we can store things we find in the mountain the TransQuizzer or for instance. Botley: Okay, now that all the robots are home safe, feel free to stay and explore the mountain all you want. Botley: Next stop, Poland; to visit the great scientist, Copernicus. And boy, does dynamite change the face of the people who try to smoke it. Polly, her Dad and, of course, all us robots. You're turning out to be a formidable opponent. Now, our Destiny! Roast-Bot is heating up the cow! Botley: After Mort calls for a snack, he'll tell you what toppings he wants on it and exactly how much of each topping he wants. (Cows are gently heated before being milked!). Botley: Watch out, Alfred! And while you're at it, search out these four clues: a Bee, a Pair of Sneakers, a Car and the Construction Crane. No one knew how to get the candy out of them. Join our Discord to chat with fellow friendly gamers and our knowledgeable contributors! The winners at the Ancient Olympics weren't treated like beauty queens. Botley: Oh, talk about an unhealthy glow. The scary this is, if Polly used this room, she could send one of the mission clues anywhere in the universe. The "UP" arrows will increase the number. But now, it looks like we've got to feed Mort. Botley: Can you imagine a world without bicycles? (It comes complete with AA batteries.). ~Oh, don't get saucy with me, Polly. Some of the world's most accomplished classical composers have paid homage to its electrifying beat. Pulling plot points out of thin air is the much better way to go, clearly. Botley: Ah, yes, Paris in springtime. The first two still have their staves left over in the game, but no associated music files to actually hear them. Oh, by the way! The catch is, he hasn't yet found any alien transmissions to decode. Two more to go!~, ~All right, you've got two locks! But please, don't hurt the specimens. (By taking a picture of it from the moon.). We better snuff this out and fast! Each one has a specific battery requirement! Now, be quiet and follow me. I got Flip the High-Diving Robot doing my bidding. Give us a hint! Good luck, you'll need it. JumpStart Adventures: 3rd Grade - Mystery Mountain, "Flygande Start - Äventyr från 3:e klass - Äventyrsklippan" --. She's the reigning robot beauty queen. Aviation history depends on us. Here's the situation: I've sent the robot doctor, Dr. Bug-Bot back in time. To find Bubble-Bot, you'll first need to locate these four clues: a Microwave Oven, a Maple Leaf, a Pine Tree and a Calendar. A Desert, a Rainforest, a Mountain Range, a Grassland and even an Ocean.