These versatile paper ice cream cups with lids are the perfect single to bulk ice cream containers for any dessert business. Bulk Ice Cream Containers. These containers are made of sturdy paper and come with corresponding lids, so your patrons can cover the ice cream and prevent spills. RAPAMARhas the perfect box for your Ice Cream business. What Styles of Ice Cream Tubs are Available? Our Ice Cream Containers Fit Your Freezer. To sweeten the … With some ice cream container prices as low as $0.17, we are confident that you find what you need at a low price. Use Berlin Packaging's plastic ice cream tubs for more than just ice cream. Our family has been making ice cream for nearly 30 years and it seems we have used every type of container imaginable. Try using ice cream tubs with lids for food and non-food items such as fruit, olives, herbs, and spices. Choose wholesale ice cream containers to keep up with demand at your ice cream shop, ice cream truck, café, or grocery store. Are you looking to have your company logo on your ice cream containers? Use plastic or metal display and storage containers in … We also offer custom printing & screen printing for out To Go Containers. We recognized the importance of having a quality box—thin walled containers can bulge as much as 1/2 … Our wholesale ice cream cups with lids are ideal to fit all types of ice cream, Italian Ice, Gelato, frozen yogurt, and much more! These 32 oz thick paper containers are best used for ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and can also be used for hot soups and liquids. We sell beautiful & strong, plastic ice cream containers, slush containers and ice cream packaging. Check out our Selection of Custom branded Ice Cream Containers Also available ice cream cup with lid Don't see the type of Ice Cream Container you're looking for? Choose from polypropylene or high-density polyethylene plastic containers, depending on your product needs. Plastic Container City has a variety of Ice Cream containers. They are specially made for frozen desserts, durable enough to prevent leaks, yet still disposable. With these containers, you can make homemade ice cream flavors and store them until purchase. Comes with container and non-vented lid. Menu. Contact Us Your freezer isn’t round, so our boxes aren’t either!