Add the strained water … How to... 2. How to Prepare: Put each of the two ingredients in separate glasses of hot water for about 5 minutes after which you will filter the solution containing flax seeds into the solution of cumin and then wait for some seconds before drinking. Aids in detoxification. Hot water. material : * One teaspoon Cumin seeds Lemon and Cumin Water * Half a teaspoon lemon juice * A cup of water Strain the boiled jeera water. Instructions In a sauce pan, add water and cumin seeds. … Cumin powder. The antioxidants in cumin seeds help flush out the toxins from the body. They … Two spoonfuls of fennel seeds. Discard the jeera seeds. Bring the water to a boil. How to use cumin water to reduce obesity 1. Switch off the flame. Put the flame on sim and allow the cumin seeds flavor to be absorbed into the water for about 5 minutes.