To leave town without having tried a Plac Nowy zapiekanka would be felonious, as would settling for one anywhere else in Kraków. There are a few vegetarian variations of this dish that instead of meat use bulgur and wild mushroom or potatoes and white cheese (yes, that is a polish favourite, something like baked beans for Brits).

Although officially a part of the Lesser Poland region (more on that later), the Tatra Mountains of the deep south have their own distinct, home-grown culinary tradition. Get ready for an overload of heavy dumplings and potato, rye breads and beetroot soup as you join us on this odyssey through the taste-bud-tingling regional cuisines of. We suggest you definitely try żurek – a popular sour soup with pieces of sausage, potatoes and eggs served in a bread bowl that you can eat as well. Due to the diversity of cuisine in Poland, it’s quite easy to find keto, low carb high fat, and even vegetarian Polish food! The most common ones are the ones with cabbage & wild mushroom, meat and potato & white cheese filling. In Poland, traditionally, the soup was served as a first dish before the main.

Polish soups are very filling and substantial so you can easily have them on their own and feel full most of the day. This site uses cookies. Literally, the name means pigeons but don’t worry, it doesn’t have any pigeon in it! Any traditional Polish restaurant worth its salt should give you lashings of this prior to your meal. Over the centuries, that’s given rise to dishes like the hearty kopytka dumplings; a variety of the famous pierogi that comes topped with flavourful, paprika-packed goulash. Aside from the tasty makowiec (poppy cake) and the ubiquitous Polish blood sausage (the kiełbasa), there are also some seriously tasty reminders of the presence of Austrian heritage in these parts. It is no exaggeration to say that when it comes to pierogi the limits are where your imagination finishes. Flatware was not in use so everyone relished the food only with their hands. And then there’s the influence of the sea, which runs all the way from the Szczecin Lagoon to the tri-city of Gdansk. It should be cooked for hours and it tastes even better the next day. Lesser Poland, location of the culture-rich second city of Krakow, is home to some of the most iconic dishes in the country. Just check out the juicy strudels sold in the bakeries in Krakow, or look to the chewy obwarzanek pretzels that are touted each morning on the street corners of the city’s Old Town – they look unusually like their German counterparts!

Polish Food: 14 Essential Dishes to try in Kraków. Yep, dishes in this Baltic-sprayed, Germanised area come in the form of tomato-infused fish pastes (apparently coming from an old West African recipe that was brought back by Polish sailors) and the famous pasztecik szczeciński (a deep-fried yeast ball with tasty fillings of mushroom, cabbage and meat). May 7, 2019 June 7, 2019 by jemimaskelley. Before visiting Poland, I had no idea what the cuisine would be like. Food guide. Polish Food. They are served with potatoes and a tomato sauce. Of course in some 'pierogarnia' (pierogi specialty houses) you will find maverick fillings like broccoli, chocolate or liver, as the possibilities are truly limitless.