On the outskirts of the building to the North East is the ‘Zamzam Well’ (this is now put under ground). Recommended: 6 facts about Multazam of Kaaba. It is 3 feet high and about 5 feet thick. The interior walls, measuring 13 m × 9 m (43 ft × 30 ft), are clad with tiled, white marble halfway to the roof, with darker trimmings along the floor. Now it is cemented into a silver ring frame on the side of the Holy Kaaba by sticking together 3 large pieces and numerous small fragments. Located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, it is the holiest shrine in Islam. This corner is named Yemeni because it points in the direction of Yemen (اليمن). dressed in white. Makkah Gov. The whole building is built of the layers of grey blue stone from the hills surrounding Makka. Hundreds of militants disguised as pilgrims seized the compound, demanding the fall of the Saudi royal family and recognition of one of their leaders, Mohammed Abdullah al-Qahtani, as the Mehdi, or savior of Islam. The four corners roughly face the four points of the compass. It is a semi-circular or a … Since Muhammad's time, the Kaaba has remained quite literally a cornerstone of the faith, but it has gone through some major changes over the centuries. Every year after the Hajj ceremony the place is closed for one month and on the Day of Ashura the Ka’aba is washed from inside by the Water from the well of Zamzam and a new Kiswa is brought to cover the Ka’aba for the next year. Before caretaking of the Kaaba was passed down through the Bani Shaiba family for generations to the present day, the tasks of caretakers consisted of opening and closing the door of the Kaaba, supervising its clothing, maintaining what needed to be repaired, built or assembled, using incense, in addition to washing, cleaning and guarding the shrine of Ibrahim. عليه السلام), PBUH, and they remained there for three days. Holy Kaaba is the Qibla of all Muslims. 13 Sights of Holy Kaaba you should know about. "The Quraysh tribe, who ruled Mecca, rebuilt the pre-Islamic Kaaba circa 608 CE with alternating courses of masonry and wood. He inherited this service and made it much more prominent. الزهراء، سيدة نساء العالمين، صلوات الله عليها), Peace JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement to receive early supplies of two or three different vaccines that have reached the final stages of their clinical trials, according to Abdullah Al-Assiri, assistant deputy minister for preventive health. The name Kaaba means cube, but the structure isnt a cube: it measures 12m long, 10m wide, and 15m high (33 feet x 50 feet x 45 feet). According to the Prophet, “Only an oppressor will take caretaking away from the Al-Shaibi family.” Its real nature is difficult to determine, its visible shape is worn smooth by hand touching and kissing. It was fixed in one piece into the wall of the Holy Kaaba by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, in the year 605 A.D. Ibrahim with the help of his son Ismael erected the new shrine on the same foundations. People entered through these doors to come to the Ka’aba for worship. The area of the Kaabah which ruptured for Fatimah bint Umawi forces came back to Makka and killed Abdullah Ibne Zubayr, hung his body on the gates of the Ka’aba for three months for all to see the Umawi power. It is a holy place to ask for forgiveness. distinguished from the rest of the structure. One of the stainless steel nails used to prevent the bottom of ar-Rukn al-Yamani from falling apart is visible above the little finger of the pilgrim. The entire content of this website including all images and photographs are the sole work & property of the blogger - A Muslim Traveller. Al-Shadhrawan is the remaining part of the foundation of the wall of the Holy Kaaba. Brought to you, most gratefully, by Sam Bazzi. More than 110 Kaaba caretakers have been honored through history with the caretaking of the Grand Mosque. A golden door is at the right wall of the Holy Kaaba 7 feet above the ground which is also called the Bab-e-Tauba which means Door of Repentance. It is made of a special natural silk that is dyed in black. Four of these nails are visible above the hand of the worshiper. The patterns of this spiritual journey are based on a visit to the site by Islamic Prophet Muhammad in 632, but like the Kaaba itself, the rituals themselves can be traced far back to the time of Abraham, whose tradition is the basis for Islam, Christianity and Judaism and who is believed to have built the Kaaba on a site originally founded by Adam and Eve. - Introduce my country Pakistan to the rest of the world. It is very difficult to find a place to perform 2 rakat salah here. The Prophet of Islam was reciting the Verse from the Qur’an: “Truth hath come and falsehood hath vanished.” (17:81). There is no doubt that it was referring to the stone built house at Makka. The cover is 658sq. For Muslims across the globe, Kaaba is the most beautiful place on earth. The single Entrance is … The only way The four corners roughly face the four points of the compass. Ibrahim had to clean the House of these idols and of idol worshippers. Related: Hajj "war" reignites over Qatar's access to Saudi Arabia's holy Muslim sites. They tried to treat it to no avail and he was told it was a disease from the heavens. This is opposite and parallel to the Hajr e Aswad corner. Recommended: 6 facts about Meezab e Rehma of the Holy Kaaba, 7 facts about Hijr Ismail or Hateem in Makkah, Asma ul Husna: Blessings of the 99 names of Allah. It is the stone which was brought from Jannah. While performing daily prayers, Muslims then faced Jerusalem. Just outside are the Hills called Safa and Merwa and the distance between the hills is about 500 yards. Under his guidance the Ka’aba was refurbished and pilgrims began to arrive in safety to perform Hajj. Between the archway and the facade (N.E.) The four walls are covered with a … One of the stainless steel nails used to prevent ar-Rukn al-Yamani from falling apart is visible to the right of the hand of the pilgrim. It is included in the sketch of the Holy Kaaba while rebuilding in 1627 because the rain in 1626 caused three of the four walls to collapse. All rights reserved. It is a semi-circular or a half-circle shaped wall. As we all know that there are four corners of the Holy Kaaba and the corner with Hajr e Aswad is always considered the most significant. The Holy Kaaba is covered by a cloth called Kiswah. Have You Ever Noticed What's Written on the Black Cover of Kaaba? It is also designed in a unique artistic way so no one but the caretakers know how to use it. History tells us that centuries passed and the guardianship of the Kaaba remained in the family of Ismael until the name of Abde Manaf came into the limelight.