It has been used as an unofficial yardstick for years, but now a group of surveyors has used laser scanning to determine the exact volume of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). In the year 1934, the first recorded test was held at the stadium, and in 1987, the first One-Day International was played. Read More: Indian soon to have world's biggest cricket stadium, Statue of Unity among top tourist destinations; attracts 30,000 people everyday, Statue of Unity: Sardar Patel's statue attracts more than 1.28 lakh visitors in 11 days, An aerial view of yet to be completed stadium. The Cricket Association of Bengal also has its headquarters here. Minimum 70 meters from the Pitch. It also hosted the world cup in the year 1987 between Australia and England. Did the Jonas Brothers Co-Write Get Back by Demi Lovato? Cricket was first played on the MCG in 1856. The pitch is a rectangular area of the ground 22 yards (20.12 meters) m in length and 10 ft (3.05 m) in width. It boasts India’s first and largest fabric roof and its giant LED screens are the largest in the country. Based on the Standard ICC Playing Conditions, a field must have at least 16,000 square yards, which equates to 3.3 acres Cricket is played all around the world in many different locations, from the backyards and local suburban ovals, to international stadiums filled with thousands of spectators. While the size of a cricket ground can vary from match to match and end to end, the square boundaries at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium are between 51-61 metre. Named after the first Prime Minister of India, the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium was constructed to host the 9th Asian Games in 1982. But the ground can have any dimension and shape. The cricket field can have any dimension and area. It is followed by Eden Gardens located in Kolkata in India, which has a seating capacity of 66,000 and many other cricket grounds from India and Australia have made their place in the list. Sharing glimpses of construction work under way. Your IP: Where is Martha Elliott Bill Elliott ex-wife today? The ICC Standard Dimensions of a cricket field would require a field containing 16,000 square yards of grass, which is nearly the size of the grass field at the summer Olympics. Stretched over 16 acres of land, the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium used to have a capacity of 55,000 but this has been reduced to 40,000 for the Indian Premier League. The headquarters of the Pakistan Cricket Board was renovated in 1996 for the Cricket World Cup. 2 with a capacity of 66,000. Historically, the dimension of a cricket ground has never been fixed because cricket was played in village grounds where the game continued until the ball was found. An international stadium typically has a minimum of 17,000 m2 of a grass field. According to GCA, the project is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dream. The friendly matches are played between two countries to promote bilateral relations and to strengthen the trade practices too for the growth of the economy. It’s easy to see why its popularity is heartfelt and growing. Initially the Stadium had a seating capacity of more than 110,000, which made it the largest Olympic stadium in history and at that time the largest stadium in Australia, but in 2002, a reconfiguration, which allows the ground to be transformed from rectangular mode to oval mode in 12 hours, reduced its capacity to 83,500. The size of a cricket ground (playing area) varies as its diameter can be in the range of 137.16 meters to 150 meters. Weirdly, the home team has never won a match here. Tags Indian Premier League IPL 2020 Sharjah. Talking about the straight boundary, it is expected to be in vicinity of 70m. Currently, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the world's largest cricket stadium in the world with a total capacity of 100,024 while Kolkata's Eden Gardens is reportedly No. Based on the Standard ICC Playing Conditions, a field must have A cricket field is a large grassy field on which the game of cricket is played. Of course, cricket can be played with any type of small, round ball. Weirdly, the home team has never won a match here. The discussion will be held with competent authorities in the state government in this regard," the website quoted Shah as saying. This stadium incorporates many best-practice aspects of cricket stadiums. In India, the people are deeply attached to this game as they want to grab the accessories of their favorite cricketer; people pray for the win in the matches, finish off their work well in time, a passion for most of the people even the amateurs try their hands at playing cricket and much more. When he was sworn in as the PM, BJP President Amit Shah took over command of GCA and decided to make the dream come true. • What instrument plays the main melody fom Nickelback? By Khushboo Sheth on March 26 2018 in Travel. It ranks second in India for the number of ODI matches (behind Eden Gardens) and is one of the host venues for 2011 Cricket World Cup to be held in India. Since then, the ground has been the scene of many cricket firsts, according to the MCG website ( The world record first-class score (1107 – Victoria v NSW, 1926); To minimise rain interruption, DY Patil’s outfield is sand based, with a completely concealed underground drainage system to quickly remove water. The International Cricket Hall of Fame will be opening on the 29th November 2010. All Rights Reserved. The association has also taken utmost care to keep the new stadium environment-friendly. Also Read: Statue of Unity: Book a helicopter ride to visit world's tallest statue; check out details here. How Many Countries In The World Play Cricket? The 199th penultimate test match of Sachin Tendulkar’s career against West Indies was hosted here. Consequently, fixed dimensions are not found for cricket fields, but the diameter is measured anywhere from 450 feet to 500feet. Although the size of a cricket ground is not fixed, usually the diameter of the ground changes between 450 to 500 feet in length. What is the minimum acres of land needed to make a cricket ground? As stated above, the pitch lies in the middle of the cricket field. It is also the home of the National Cricket Academy. However positive memories haunt the ground too, such as in March 2001 when VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid staged an impressive come-from-behind victory against an Australian team poised for an unprecedented 17th straight Test win. The cricket pitch needs to be of specific width and 22 yards in length. The ground is encircled by a rope which is called the boundary. Consequently, fixed dimensions are not found for cricket fields, but the diameter is measured anywhere from 450 feet to 500 feet. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Keep up to date with news and special events, © Bradman FoundationContactSitemapPrivacy PolicyCollection Policy, Enter your details below to sign-up for news from The International Cricket Hall of Fame. In 1982 it hosted the first ODI in India and was renovated in the mid 1990s for the Indian Premier League.