corresponding values (not necessarily 1:1) in calls to mapping operators when implementation of analogous functionality in other constructs. the traditional use of an evil implicit variable ("IT"). easy to create your own variants for other operators. A library for Common Lisp to handle Intel HEX format, which is a file format positional-lambda is a concise, intuitive and flexible syntax (macro) for Common Lisp FFI for (SDL2), using cffi/c2ffi. Common Lisp IRC bot with a modular framework. A library for binary trees written in Common Lisp, toy programming laguage that I created to learn about formal method and QueryFS is stable enough that A Common Lisp package for hash table creation with flexible, extensible Common lisp interface to unix rlimit -- ensure the performance of your Common Lisp bindings to Google's Snappy compression library. program to convert MIDI CC into SysEx to control a Korg DW-8000 synthesizer from runs in ANSI Common Lisp implementations Free Software according to the Debian Free Software Guidelines (e.g. instructions by Cyberciti how to set up SSH keys. Module system for languages embedded in Common Lisp, Reading and writing netstrings from/to binary streams in Common Lisp, A personal collection of functions, macros and programs written in Common A batteries-included tracing and debug-logging macro, Common Lisp implementation of UUIDs according to RFC4122, CL-PACK supplies Perl/PHP/Ruby compatible pack() and unpack() functions to Call functions automatically when Common Lisp exit, A beautiful, easilly composable HTML5 generation library in Common Lisp, Library to customize and manage Lisp parens reader, A declarative way for fast creating simple GUI on Common Lisp, Common Lisp client to Asterisk AMI protocol, Generic function interface to standard Common Lisp functions, Static generic function dispatch for Common Lisp. alternative to the convoluted ad-hoc conditionals one might otherwise resort to. Practically Lenient and Unimpressive Markup Parser for Common Lisp, A fast binary storage format for Plump documents. A Common Lisp interface to the Apple multitouch trackpad, OOOK! Produce Scalable Vector Graphics files with Common Lisp, a Common Lisp library for manipulating colors in RGB format, Common Lisp library to communicate to the NXT Lego Mindstorm Brick over A common lisp interface to the Paymill payment service API, simple-currency is a Common Lisp library which converts between currencies Common Lisp wrapper for Linux epoll syscall. Torta shows you where your disk space is being used. virtually every existing and future mapping operator, all lambda keywords and Security for Clack-based Common Lisp web applications. lisp+hunchentoot, reader/writer for the JSON format in common lisp, extensible library for outputting XML based on DTDs and s-expressions, MPI bindings for Common Lisp with many useful extras. Common Lisp wrapper for Unix error codes. It does so in a way that automatically supports generate a very simple verify code picture, Toadstool is a library for pattern matching. #1=(yet another . read-csv is a lisp library for reading CSV (comma-separated value) files like unbearably constraining. Unlike filelight, Torta does not need RRDtool bindings for Common Lisp via CFFI. GitLab thereby reducing cognitive load. ", - Abelson & Sussman, SICP, preface to the first edition, "That language is an instrument of human reason, and not merely a medium for the expression Common Lisp library to escape strings for the shell, or split strings CL-SAT binding to MINISAT2 @, Common Interface to SMT (Satisfiable Module Theories) solvers from Common ( ", "[Lisp] has assisted a number of our most gifted fellow humans in thinking previously Further The Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs, Run CGI scripts from the hunchentoot web server, Core classes and pixel access macros from opticl, A library for reading and writing TIFF image files in common lisp. It supports custom theme and you can for Common Lisp programs. `cl-webdriver` is a library to talk with webdriver (selenium 3)., Clone of additional handy variables when explicitly requested. A lisp library for easily persisting variables. A new user interface protocol and toolkit implementation. Helper to authenticate website's users by sending them unique code by email. Subversion access can be requested through by Helper for sphinxcontrib.cldomain to collect docstrings from Lisp systems. The basis for cl-fad. find, update, replace, and delete operations. Parenscript testing framework. "explicit-anaphora".). A setf like macro for functional programming. game prototyping, game making, computer graphics, exploration of human-computer A Common Lisp binding for the zeromq messaging library. parsers, facilities for error handling and parses arrays, streams and lists. An implementation of Progress' ENCODE() function in Common Lisp. It provides a toolbox of predefined Print licenses used by the given project and its dependencies. and falls back to O(log(n)) on others. A collection of personal utilities that have been found useful. Artificial Neural Network implementation in Common Lisp, Assembler for the nand2tetris Hack platform, VM Translator for the nand2tetris Hack platform, Reader Syntax Coventions for Common Lisp and SLIME, Optimized Pattern Matching Library for Common Lisp, Macro, that actually inject several forms into surrounding macros, not just Evaluation based on pokersource. A tool to install quicklisp systems from multiple distributions over world, A game written in Common Lisp, using lispbuilder-sdl, Source repository utilities in Common Lisp, provides a nice, portable way to capture user-interrupt signals in lisp, Common Lisp client library for accessing OData services, High performance serialization library for Common Lisp, High performance Transactional Memory for Common Lisp, Generic Equality and Comparison for Common Lisp Bluetooth, Simple rectangle packing code, useful for creating textures for OpenGL, Common Lisp submission mechanism for Stanford's MOSS similarity detection kernels. Common Lisp Implementation of the XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.0, Yet Another Common Lisp Markup Language, originally by Edward Marco Baringer. A loader for glTF2 (OpenGL Transmission Format) files. Proudly served by Common Lisp and Weblocks! """hello""". alternative branches by way of cartesian product. We offer git through new members to GitLab projects themselves. Computer graphics algebra library for SBCL, Writing and reading raw vector data in SBCL. of parameter variables in favor of positional references, with support for a Some extra stream manipulation in Common Lisp. Lisp, An experimental minimal chat written in Common Lisp, An Inference Engine based on Propositional Calculus written in Common Lisp, Extensible, schema-based configuration system, UNFINISHED Common Lisp bindings for Jenkins' REST API, Some general condition classes and signalling helpers, Esrap rules (and rule-generating macros) for common parsing tasks: Defines a new kind of package that's named by a symbol rather than a string parameters when logical "gaps" are left in the positional references. the first language extension that explicitly supports COP when it was originally Bindings to libmpg123, allowing fast MPG1/2/3 decoding. Common Lisp Latent Semantic Indexing library. then add this line into the top of your qlfile : Ultralisp 0.17.4. Utility package for creating safe experimental environment. Try: project:"40ants/weblocks" AND symbol:"request". Reexport external symbols in other packages. Better console behavior for GUI Lisp apps on Windows, Common Lisp high-level API for Sophia key-value storage, Pure Lisp implementation of reading M4A/MP3 tags. combined results of multiple tests. My pathname functions. Try: signal - this will search in symbol's name and documentation. Provides a canonical stand-in for NIL for contexts where NIL means "no Regexp::Trie). written in Common Lisp, Huffman encoding/decoding of sequences in Common Lisp, Lua-style Pattern Matching for Common Lisp. Please be careful before deleting anything in your project. An implementation of Python in Common Lisp. point of no return. user-driven recovery. Library to implement SCRAM-SHA1 in common lisp. Simple library that encourage the use of functional programming + pattern Glyph rendering engine using OpenGL shading language for Common Lisp. The base for CLOS based themes for Lem editor! JavaScript compressor/beautifier library for Common Lisp, Embedded Python syntax for burgled-batteries, :heavy_check_mark: General purpose validation library for Common Lisp, Web forms handling library for Common lisp, Meta level descriptions library for Common Lisp, Common Lisp port of the Django templating language, High level user interaction library for Common Lisp, Yet another routes handling utility on top of Hunchentoot, :green_book: Literate Programming System for Common Lisp, Extensible text formatting facility for Common Lisp, Common api for serializing data to different formats (JSON, XML, etc). impossible thoughts. Generic hooks and triggers extension for modularize. Rudimentary parser turning TeX-like syntax into a Plump DOM. quote strings. significant branch of arnesi/ucw tal), volatility harvester, operate with extreme prejudice, A Common Lisp implementation of the MessagePack-RPC specification, A Cassandra native protocol client in Common Lisp, A Common Lisp Riemann client -, A Common Lisp port of Neil Fraser's library of the same name. uncertainty for computations with automatic error propagation. A lightweight system to help with defining and managing OpenGL shader spatial-trees is a set of dynamic index data structures for admin (at) common-lisp (dot) net Fast octet-vector/stream I/O for Common Lisp. Provides an enhanced EVAL-WHEN macro that supports (eval-when t ...) as a Support code and example code for initiation to programming with common lisp. is created. To create a new Git project, a GitLab account can be created; please Permutations and permutation groups in Common Lisp. available for drawing text, but it should be possible to extend the font This makes Establishes a new lexical context within which specified bindings are A Simple, Thread-Safe Pooling Library for Common Lisp.