It is a smart investment that will create visual enhancement as well as enriching your lifestyle.Timber decking will expand a home’s living space, providing all year fun to be shared with family and friends. Australian Treated Pine – Leading Treated Pine Products Supplier in Melbourne, VIC. Today we are a one stop shop for all sustainable timber projects using treated pine, and we proudly offer some of most competitively priced sustainable timber products around, including sustainable decking timber and landscaping materials. QDT – Melbourne’s timber decking and flooring specialist. Grey Ironbark and Red Ironbark Decking 86x19 $3.30 per metre, 135x19, 136x19 $5.50 per metre. Although…. BUDGET TIMBER MARKET has been in business for over 17 years.
We specialise in all hardwood timber and are guaranteed to be the cheapest supplier in Melbourne on all the stock in the yard. Budget Timber Market They are consistent in diameter from end to end. Visit us today for the widest range of Craft products.

The hardness of a timber species is measured using the ‘Janka’ rating and it is a measure of the material’s resistance to wear and tear for decking purposes; the higher the number, the harder the timber. Treated pine decking is a natural timber material that needs to be maintained over its life. Also designed to be used as an insecticide and fungicide. There is a wide selection of timber species to choose from including, Ironbark, Blackbutt, Fijian Mahogany, Spotted Gum and Merbau decking. Decking: Merbau, Spotted gum, River reds, Tallow wood, Regardless of durability, all external decking will require the application of a protective coating after installation to impart a high level of water repellence and to help prevent ‘greying’.
All lengths must be in whole numbers. Specialists in Tasmanian oak, Melbourne Floors Mart is a family-owned timber and flooring company headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria. The Cheapest TImber Flooring in Melbourne Tasmanian Oak & Spotted Gum are Available! It is a great hardwood to work with, as it cuts clean and fastens easily.

The types of wood you will receive are all top quality Australian hardwoods. COVID-19 Update to Customers Our Metropolitan Melbourne stores are now open for all customers. If no protective coating is applied, the timber will not only be subject to greying, it will also absorb moisture easily and expand and contract which will cause surface cracking and checking. Referred to as the premium in timber finishes, Dried Dressed Timber is a timber that has been dressed on all sides, resulting in a smooth finish that makes it easy to apply coatings. on all the stock in the yard. ACQ is a waterborn form of timber treatment that was developed as a safer alternative to the widely used CCA preservative. Timber sleepers are also available from our store. The Retain It Wall System is great for building retaining walls that last. A well-laid deck that has been properly constructed and regularly well maintained will last for decades and look beautiful throughout. Victoria, Australia, Please note that all ACQ purchases require us to prepare a custom order. If you are looking for poles that are not as consistent in appearance, we also stock regular Poles. Treated Pine is a decay and termite resistant timber that proves to be the most economical option when it comes to decking. The natural durability of most hardwoods is perfect for timber decking applications. Color: Silver The Laser Pine is then dried after treatment to reduce shrinkage and can be cut to exact specification, within millimeters. 2019 Built and managed by, Galvanised Retaining Wall- 45 degrees corner, Galvanised Retaining Wall- 90 degrees corner. It is treated for protection from insect infestation and decay, which makes treated pine decking the equivalence of Class 2 rating for durability. Merbau is an extremely durable and attractive timber that reddens and deepens beautifully with age. If you require a number of exact lengths, you can always call us on 03 9305 2000 to confirm the availability. Call us today on (03) 94371612. Please note that your purchase may come in various product lengths to make up the total amount. BrushBox Flooring pack lots from $25 per square metre. Sometimes referred to as Rougher Header, Dried Laser Pine is a timber that has been machined with serrated knives to a specific gauge size, resulting in a finish that is smoother than Wet Sawn Timber, but more textured than Dried Dressed Timber. Best Used For : The Natural Durability rating for decking denotes timber’s natural resistance to attack by fungi and insects. It is dried after treatment to reduce shrinkage, and can be machined to exact specification, within millimeters. Treated pine sleepers have been around for centuries.

Blue gum. Otherwise, it will not look its best and will develop complications that will damage the wood and negatively effect its functionality. Pack price. Please also note that we may not have your exact size requirements in stock at all times. Budget Timber Market P/L - Sydney Bluegum all sizes $27 per square metre.

Perfect Round Poles are poles that have been crafted to be perfectly cylindrical and smooth. Solid Hardwood Decking. Use in residential and commercial construction continues to occur, especially in gardens and landscaping projects. Gas Log Fires, Wood & Gas Fireplaces Melbourne With over 20 years experience The Gas Log Fire Company is proud to be recognised as one of Melbourne’s leading Gas Log Fire specialists.

With woodheaters & gas log fire brands such as Nectre, Jetmaster, Jindara, Eureka, Masport, Quadrafire, Escea, Coonara, Heat & Glo, Archer plus many more. on all the stock in the yard. Product Dimensions (mm): Various Read our full write up of Renovators Paradise with photos. Crane truck delivery is available six days a week throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas. Package Dimensions (mm): Various It is ideal for building decks, outdoor areas, and pergolas. Decking timbers need to rate highly on exterior durability and are usually made from Class 1 or Class 2.

Let us help you! treated to H4, Perfect Round Poles are more suited to applications where aesthetic appearance is of importance. ACQ is formed when compounds copper and quaternary are combined, becoming effective in protecting timber against decay fungi. With many years experience and an excellent reputation from clients, you can rely on QDT for quality hardwood timbers, like Spotted Gum and Merbau, for stunning decking results, top service and expert advice.
timber. A fence with timber pickets suits both traditional and modern properties and the fence can be customised to suit various styles and budgets. 1.8, 2.1,2.4,2.7,... Tasmanian Oak / Victorian Ash All New Flooring from $30 per square metre. years.

Best Used For:

Overall, dried dressed timber offers an attractive and finished look, and is useful where aesthetics matter. Silvertop stringybark flooring 80x19, 130x19, 130x14 all sizes $30 per square metre. Located in the Melbourne’s northern suburb of Somerton, our sales and production facility is home to more than six acres of quality treated pine products. The entire process of crafting this timber results in the minimisation of splinters, and makes it significantly easier to coat the wood in paint. However, we also import a number of hardwood varieties from overseas. Spotted gum, Ironbark, Jarrah, Karri, Brushbox, Black butt, and We are guaranteed to be the cheapest supplier in Melbourne Each different hardwood species used for decking are available in different sizes and they also vary in durability and hardness. Make sure you check out our monthly specials today and give us a call for our very competitive prices on all of our timber products, and friendly service and expert advice. Supe... BUDGET TIMBER MARKET has been in business for over 17 The 45 Degrees Corner post is designed to create a soft corner within a retaining wall, placed between two sections of timber sleepers. need assistance. For over 30 years, we have been supplying Australia’s trade and DIY sector with some of the best timber available. Since 1992, we have been at the forefront of supplying builders, home renovators and interior designers with quality and reliable timber flooring. Flooring: Specialists in Tasmanian oak, |, Decking Palapi 140x19 from $4.50 per metre, Grey box flooring all sizes $27 per square metre, Silvertop stringybark all sizes $30 per square metre. Special order. Great for outdoor landscaping projects, Treated Pine Sleepers (also known as, Australian Treated Pine. Treated pine is perfect for decking, and creating beams for pergolas and decks. This wood comes in a range of different sizes and has not been used as fence posts, sleepers or anything else! If you are embarking on a farm fencing project, we also stock a range of products to compliment; including barbed wire, plain wire, steel star posts, and wire joiners. Grey Ironbark and red ironbark decking 86x19 from $3.30 per metre 135x19 from $5.50 per metre. For quality timber at budget prices please browse our There is a wide selection of timber species to choose from including, Ironbark, Blackbutt, Fijian Mahogany, Spotted Gum and Merbau decking.These species are all very durable and will provide a beautiful timber deck for many years to come, provided they are properly laid and well maintained.

Pianos Recycled Bord Products are leading timber veneer suppliers Melbourne and in Australia, manufacturing and supplying quality wood veneer sheets for a wide variety of applications. Pack lots only price. Pack lots only price. Sizes vary depending on the timber decking species, with widths available from 64mm up to 136mm x 19mm to 22mm thickness. Please be advised that this product has not gone through a screening process and MAY CONTAIN DIRT in your delivery. 100mm $80 250 sc... Baltic pine flooring all new size 152x22 $4.50 per lineal metre.

Type: 45 Degrees - Corner Material: Galvanized Steel Lengths 1.8, 2.4, 2.7, 3 metres. The natural durability of most hardwoods is perfect for timber decking applications There is a wide... At Quality Discount Timber, we have all the materials that any tradesman, carpenter, or DIY enthusiast... Quality Discount Timber © 2019, All Rights Reserved, Melbourne, Australia. 11 Windale St

Pack lots only... Anchor mark Stainless steel star head 1000 screws per box. When it comes to fencing, Treated Pine Palings are a popular choice amongst professionals and home handymen alike. Simply slip the timber sleepers in between the post system, and you can quickly and easily create a solid retaining wall–Perfect for bounding soil at separate elevations. Since the dawn of the railways, treated pine sleepers have been used in various applications. Located in the Melbourne’s northern suburb of Somerton, our sales and production facility is home to more than six … Spotted gum, Ironbark, Jarrah, Karri, Brushbox, Black butt, and Black butt. All Rights Reserved. Merbau Decking - from $3.20 per metre. For use of treated pine in connection with growing vegetables, we recommend... A great way to spend your time outdoors and spruce up your property is to install a new timber picket fence. A timber fence not only adds... 2 Freight Drive, Somerton, 3062,