Shoot the dart at any one and equip the torch by holding . Once you've got enough for an upgrade, craft it and the achievement will unlock. - Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating] Interact with the shrine. And discover the origin story of the Assassin’s Brotherhood. If you've done that (which you absolutely should have while progressing) then you'll have access to two more upgrade tiers. The achievement will unlock after mounting the last one. Can I use the Discovery Tours in a classroom setting? Once he's on it, you'll have to pick up spools and blocks and place them on the other platform. Immediately use your overpower attack (assuming you have the skill to start all fights with it, which you should by this point) and then immediately hit him 2-3 more times, then ROLL AWAY. Tutankhamun is the final boss of the DLC, and defeating him unlocks this achievement. Upon breaking 100, the achievement will unlock. Given all the extra tools at your disposal though, I can’t imagine that’ll be too much of a problem. Upon killing any one of them, the achievement will unlock. You’ll maintain your level, and any XP, but your equipment, abilities, upgrades and inventory will be untouched. Use Senu whenever you can. There doesn't seem to be a guaranteed way to move through this quest easily. Before you attempt this achievement you will need to unlock the “Poison Darts” ability. It offers another large map area to explore, with tons of quests, crafting, and an interesting story to follow. They are spread all around the map and are a fixed level. Use Dawn & Dusk to switch to nighttime. Be equipped with only Legendary equipment. New to Assassins Creed, there is a level up system that is very similar to any RPG. Kill an enemy with the predator bow from more than 60 meters while controlling the arrow. For this achievement you must simply enter all of the different regions of the map. Completed tours are gold on the selection screen, so you'll be able to see which ones you've done. Four of these locations are giant scorpion bosses, which are basically the equivalent of the war elephants from the main game, except the scorpions are much easier. Kill them all (freeing the nearby rebels for help if you want). Acquire Eternal Maw for use outside the Afterlifes (The Curse of the Pharaohs). After talking to the leader, he'll follow you. So you can use the Dawn and Dusk skill to fast forward time until the rebels respawn in camps. Interact with all of the yellow markers across all three boats. All five locations involve fighting enemies that are level 55-58, so don't even bother attempting to complete these locations until you're at least level 54. Simply take a photo by pressing while in this mode in any five different regions on the map and the achievement will unlock. You could make this very hard on yourself by hopping off your horse and trying to assassinate or fight them all. You have to kill all 3-4 of the guards in the cave, then lead the hidden one out of the cave. You'll unavoidably get knocked off at some point. The screenshot below shows exactly where on the map it is. Now, take out your fire arrows and shoot the jar, this will net you 3-4 kills. Can I earn Helix Credits by playing the game? The line sticking straight toward the gateway is noon, and two lines to the left is 10 am. You should at least be level 50 or 51 before attempting this. The enemies have levels as well, so you can’t just go around killing everyone right off the bat. Many of them are extremely easy (read the stelae, loot the treasures, etc.) If you’d rather not know what it is, consider this your spoiler warning. If you just want the gamerscore/completion, you can bang this out in under an hour by skipping the dialogue. This is a great place to try for zip line assassinations, both during missions and by returning afterwards. Hop on and shoot him. They will destroy you and you won’t do enough damage if you aren’t that level or have extremely good gear to boot. Doing all of these quests will likely take around 3 hours or so. These guys can be tough, and there isn't really much reward for fighting them other than the crafting materials they give you (Shards of a Star). All in all, Assassins Creed: Origins is a fantastic game that provides players with an immersive and vast assassin experience through the beautiful though tumultuous land of Egypt. The first three are detailed in the "Surgical Strikes" achievement solution. You'll be assaulted by a bunch of Romans. The Discovery Tour DLC actually offers quite a lot of educational value, and for free. This is where the game turns into kind of a grind. Introduction: If you get knocked off, kill the guy and hop back on. Head to the objective marker to talk to Amunet. They are found in chests (all kinds, not just the ones that are tied to location objectives, killing enemies, etc. - Approximate amount of time to 1000: 50-75 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%] Once you've completed all of these items, the location will be completed and the achievement will unlock. In this step, you will earn: Step 2: Complete all locations This enables you to control the arrow midair by holding . Thanks to the fact that NG+ lets you carry your progress and gear over from your previous campaign, Najoray says he managed to complete the new mode in just six hours on Hard difficulty, although that did involve skipping all the cutscenes. - Unobtainable/glitched achievements: Some report that “Old Habits” is glitched if you pick up items as Aya during her missions; others also report that “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is glitchy This is located under the Sphinx. You've got to kill them all. Many of the forts are worth 1200-2500 XP for completing them too, making them worth it. The other major change is that the difficulty will jump slightly. Perform 3 Assassinations from a zipline (The Hidden Ones). - Missable achievements: None Tap to attack all three enemies at once, and the achievement will unlock. There's also a good chance you'll happen across the location of a few side quests while doing main quests, so it's best to complete them while you're there. This location is only accessible once you have completed all the main missions. I defeated 4 Pharaoh's Shadows before it was finally Rameses. In the inventory menu (not the gear menu), look to the right and scroll down until you see trinkets. He's on a boat off the coast, and his boat is surrounded by other boats. Simply complete a tour as 5 different characters to unlock this achievement. Once you finally reach level 55, this achievement will unlock. Taking a photo can be done by holding and at once. She will tell you about your target - Ampelius - and where he can be found - inside the Wall-of-the-Ruler citadel. While zip lines are relatively common in this DLC, it's definitely worth making a point to look for zip lines to use each time you come to a fort, new area, etc. For this achievement, you must kill an enemy and then take his corpse to a close proximity of a predator. First order of business is to complete the story. Senu can be used to scout enemies and identify objectives in a location, such as who and where the commander/captain is as well as chests that must be opened to complete the location. Now, while the enemy is poisoned, run up to him an mash . Just use Senu to locate your targets and the chests. Not a big deal if it's pretty much impossible to get these rewards now, but I wanted to check to see if anyone on the forums here is still getting them as of January 2020. Boards Assassin's Creed Origins It's another very solid chunk of DLC. Arrows take these down very quickly. After the conversation is done, the quest will complete. From the pause menu in Discovery mode, you can go to the Characters tab and change which character you're playing as at any time. Welcome to our Xbox Achievements 2.0 Rollout: Wave 1, Xbox Game Pass Adds Planet Coaster, FF VIII, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Disney+ Trial, Assassin's Creed Valhalla – Seven Tips To Make You a Viking Master, Assassin's Creed Origins Achievement Guide, Start each fight with full overpower meter, Using an overpower attack restores health and removes all status effects, Complete all locations you come to as you play, Collect all side quests as you play, when you travel near them, Cursed - extraordinary damage (kills most enemies in 1-3 hits) but health is reduced to 33%. Once the fight is completed, the achievement will unlock. Thankfully it is easily fixed. Once you have done this, find any enemy that is at least 60 meters away (you can use Senu to set an objective marker on an enemy just to be sure) and fire a predator arrow, holding to steer the arrow into him for the fatal shot. Completing all of the main story quests will put you around level 50-51 or so. Fighting him isn't really any different than fighting the rest of the Pharaoh's Shadows. If you walk around in the desert for any amount of time, you will experience hallucinations. One target has to be escorted out to the objective marker, the other has to be carried out to the objective marker. If you use the Dawn and Dusk skill to fast forward time, it'll start you around 6 am at dawn. In it, you can either free roam around the game to simply explore, or you can view one of the many "tours" that educate you on many different aspects of ancient Egyptian life and culture. The Walls-of-the-Ruler Citadel is a fortress in the central area of the region, and the story mission "The Walls of the Ruler" will take you here to assassinate Ampelius, so it will unavoidably be added to your map as you progress. Sign in to manage your account and support cases. Reach level 55 (The Curse of the Pharaohs). Simply craft 20 upgrades and the achievement will unlock. Doing so starts the DLC. It was a nice experience to die to something other than jumping off of a building in an AC game though #5. You can easily run and hide if need be, then come back to kill more enemies and finish him off. You have to climb up and head to the middle of the pyramid and into the entrance in the center to head underground. The screenshot below shows the shadow of the sundial at 10 am. If that happens, then you'll have to continually dodge with. To save time, make sure you change characters between tours to unlock "Polymorph" along the way. Approach this fort like any other fort, trying to assassinate the captain and finish him off with overpower attacks. You'll also have to complete this location for an achievement. Phylakes are very strong bounty hunters who are much harder than regular enemies. Each one is level 58, so don't bother attempting to fight them until you're level 55. Locations are shown on the map by a white question mark. Update, February 21: The secret reward for completing Assassin’s Creed Origins’ New Game Plus mode has already been discovered. Speak to her, then kill the Romans. The DLC comes with a new, very large map area to explore, numerous story quests, a bunch of new side quests, a level cap increase to 55, new crafting levels for all equipment, and new weapons. If you really must, what you can do is choke enemies unconscious (only works early in the game before you obtain the hidden blade) or beat them up. Use the epic sword you get from the main game that is always in fire, Use the epic bow (Smoke and Mirrors) from the main game whose arrows are always on fire, Shoot clay pots near a mummy to set it on fire. Assasinate Tacito, Ptahmose and Ampelius (The Hidden Ones). Released alongside thehistorical Discovery Tour, the mode will allow players to restart the story while maintaining their equipment. Both can be done after all missions are complete, but easier to do them while playing missions. There will be around 10 or so sub quests within the story that you'll need to complete to progress. Papyrus mysteries can be started by finding the piece of paper in a location that has a riddle on it. Each Afterlife location has an overarching side quest with 3 sub quests. Self-explanatory. Three of these Serquet locations are actually outside in fields, so you can approach from a distance, mark the boss scorpion, then equip your strongest bows, preferably a predator bow, and you should be able to take out the scorpions very easily.